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A persuasive essay is a writing process students frequently have to engage in especially in English composition and writing courses, regardless of their majors.

If you'd like to start writing on an innovative and enjoyable topic, it is indeed important to recognize your interests and select a good topic from the list of persuasive speech topics I’ve collected below. It would indeed be safer if your chosen idea of speech enhances your level of involvement in the topic. The following topics are derived from different disciplines. All an essay writer has to do is choose and start writing!

100 Innovative Topics and Ideas

  1. Are Japanese cars efficient?
  2. Getting plastic surgeries are trending rather than taking it as a medical process
  3. Lack of wealth is one cause for poor education
  4. Free speeches must be controlled
  5. Social media is bringing more challenges than before
  6. Pornography ratio is rising and its effects on youth
  7. The death penalty must be restricted to serious offenses
  8. Does traffic rules apply to elites as well?
  9. Mini gadgets must be replaced with textbooks
  10. Can we think harmful for others if we don’t think the same for our closed ones?
  11. Getting a dog pet is better than a cat
  12. Vegetable must be eaten regularly
  13. Coeducation or same-sex education system?
  14. Can introverts be the best leader?
  15. State why people should buy local products
  16. College students must be given free tuition classes
  17. Healthy foods for healthy minds
  18. The WiFi should be free at public places
  19. Peer groups are helpful in one’s growth
  20. Why is it dangerous to pick calls during driving
  21. Public figures that are not upholding the rule will pay the same penalties as other civilians
  22. To sharpen students’ abilities, will instructors go back to school life?
  23. Is it ethical to keep animals in zoos?
  24. Is it ethical to keep animals as pets?
  25. Less fast food is good to have a healthy body
  26. Twenty ways how we can make our lives a better one
  27. Mental illnesses: is it easy to recognize in individuals or not?
  28. What we can do to end poverty and global hunger?
  29. Is the media affecting youth’s minds in a negative way?
  30. Do social media sites lead to suicides?
  31. Studying psychology creates anxieties
  32. How come everyone is different in their own way?
  33. What are common phobias in teenagers? How do teenagers try to handle those scenarios?
  34. How diversity is beneficial in the corporate world?
  35. Does stereotyping lower self-esteem?
  36. Are marriages of same-sex ethics?
  37. LGBT+ people must be facilitated with every right like other citizens
  38. How social media is positively impacting your marketing strategies?
  39. Beginning a small business with a very small amount of money
  40. How to grow followers on Instagram pages?
  41. Which social media platform is less favored: Instagram or Twitter?
  42. Does Tweeting help in changing the minds of people?
  43. How do politicians use social media to convey their discourses?
  44. Dealing with bullying
  45. The best solution to reach Mathematical problems
  46. Feeling shy in front of people, how to solve this issue?
  47. Public speaking fear, how to control it?
  48. Stretching is a good exercise
  49. Breathing exercises are good to overcome public-speaking skills
  50. Mental health is important for the well-being of an individual
  51. Share the road with bikes
  52. Devoting to your business means losing your social circle
  53. Is graffiti art?
  54. Do the schools still have to instruct cursive handwriting?
  55. Should prostitution be legalized?
  56. Should marijuana be legalized?
  57. Should weapons be legalized?
  58. Advertising benchmarks must be higher
  59. Does it encourage transgender individuals to participate in the army?
  60. Who was the best premier ever?
  61. Should assist suicide be legalized?
  62. Why is alcohol legitimized?
  63. Public prayers must be allowed in schools
  64. Recycling must be encouraged
  65. Is human cloning acceptable?
  66. Action movies cause stresses
  67. Best vacations places
  68. Do ghosts exist?
  69. Internet censorship is a must for kids
  70. Puppy mills should be banned.
  71. The best friend of women is Diamond
  72. Moral issues of human cloning
  73. Religious studies are mandatory
  74. Is boxing illegal?
  75. Envying is a disease
  76. Obesity should be controlled
  77. Mental illness must be handled properly
  78. Are marriages working presently?
  79. Effects of domestic violence
  80. Effects of divorces on children
  81. Taking selfies at the public place must be restricted
  82. Money doesn’t buy happiness
  83. Contended are those who are average in society
  84. Smokers must pay a health tax
  85. Education criteria must be altered
  86. Effects of video games on a child’s health
  87. How video games are destroying social interactions?
  88. How smartphones are affecting our lives?
  89. How are our languages distorted?
  90. Social media as a pro
  91. Does hybrid warfare make sense?
  92. Excessive use of medicines are harmful
  93. Medicines must not be taken without a prescription
  94. Minimum wages must be increased
  95. Using supplements are good or bad
  96. Improving student’s public speaking skills
  97. Encouraging students at every step
  98. The scientific world is emerging fast
  99. Playing multiplayer games with random people
  100. Age-Discrimination must be stopped

Nevertheless, if you still want unique ideas, hire an essay writing service to select a perfect topic for you.

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