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College application essays allow the students to show their true talents to the admission officers. These essays allow the officers to see the students separately from their grades. There is a single form that is accepted by a large number of colleges, so the students can use a single essay to apply for these colleges. In the following lines, we will take a look at several prompts that can be used by an essay writer to write a good application essay.

  1. 1. Telling a story

    Many students have very interesting stories to tell to the audience. This prompt allows them to tell their story to the admission officer. You have to be very sure that the story has some definite impact on your life which is worth telling the audience.

  2. 2. Describing an event and its consequences

    Many global events have a long-lasting impact on the lives of several individuals. You may be one of those individuals who have been affected by any of these events. This prompt is very similar to the storytelling but it will use a global event as a base.

  3. 3. Describing an achievement

    This prompt is particularly useful for the people who take an active part in extracurricular activities. An important example can be the sportspersons who have considerable achievements.

  4. 4. Describing a skill

    If you wish to become a boarder, some skills will help you and the administration of the college simultaneously. If you have some expertise in any such skill, you should write an application essay about how these skills can be helpful in the future. Or you can ask others to write essay for me.

  5. 5. Problem-solving

    All individuals in the world face different problems during their work and personal lives. These problems can be solved by the individual himself or with the help of other people around them. You should state the problem faced and then the solution implemented and its effectiveness. You should also state the lesson learned from the problem.

  6. 6. Overcoming a challenge

    This prompt is very similar to the problem-solving prompt but the major difference between the two is that a problem takes a while to develop whereas a challenge may come up from nowhere. Similarly, a person may have enough time to solve a problem whereas a challenge may be handled much quicker.

  7. 7. A long debate on a belief

    This prompt allows the candidate to challenge a belief held by another group of people. This prompt should only be chosen if you have some specific experience to talk about. If you are confused about writing a long debate, ask an essay writing service to do it for you.

  8. 8. Problem Solving

    This prompt will help you in explaining how you have solved a particular problem in the past. Among all the college application essay prompts, this is the most important one because it will tell the admission officers the very reason to select you. The problem-solving skill may be useful for you as well as the college to which you are going.

  9. 9. Approaching a problem

    This prompt is associated with the previous one. This will allow the officer to know the whole thought process which enabled him to solve a particular problem.

  10. 10. Personal achievement

    Some events or achievements play an important role in shaping the lives of people. You should write about such an event of achievement along with the lessons learned. This prompt will elaborate on the personal development of an individual.

  11. 11. Social Problem

    This prompt will allow you to write about a particular social problem e.g. pollution or global warming.

  12. 12. Something interesting for you

    This will allow the officer to know something that you like to do and that interests you. This can be some activity in which you can help during your stay in college.

  13. 13. Describe some activity

    This prompt is somewhat related to the previous one but this will revolve around a specific experience of the past or if it is likely in the future.

  14. 14. Humor

    This is the toughest prompt among the available ones. You should use it after consultation with some experienced writers. You can also get help from a paper writing service to write an engaging essay for you.

  15. 15. Describing your plans

    This prompt will allow the admission officer to know about your plans and how you will achieve them.

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