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Choosing a topic for the argumentative essay is critical. For this reason, you must conduct extensive research before selecting the topic. It may not lead to the composition of an interesting argumentative essay. On the other hand, a very intricate topic may confuse an essay writer while researching. So be careful when selecting the topic! Here are some suggestions:

  1. Should students grade their teachers every semester?
  2. Can students be stopped from cheating in their exams?
  3. Should drug testing be performed in schools?
  4. Do standardized tests offer satisfactory results?
  5. Should students spend much time preparing for their standardized tests?
  6. Should schools be responsible for promoting creativity?
  7. Should Illegal immigrants be denied the right to public education?
  8. Is it ethical for schools to monitor their students’ online activities?
  9. Is expelling students for misbehaving the ideal punishment?
  10. Should Schools take action against their students involved in cyberbullying?
  11. Should intelligence be the criteria for awarding scholarships in schools and colleges?
  12. Should students only value college rankings when applying?
  13. Should schools offer internet services to students?
  14. Should social media platforms be held responsible for hate speech?
  15. Should anyone’s remarks on social media be used for termination from a job?
  16. Should smartphones be allowed in schools and colleges?
  17. Is the computer grading system used in schools effective?
  18. Should the paper books be replaced by their digital versions?
  19. Can online reviews be trusted when making crucial decisions?
  20. Is the portrayal of success as richness accurate?
  21. Does today's media promote unhealthy stereotypes?
  22. Does a fiction novel enhance the creativity of readers?
  23. Do video games promote violence and aggression in young children?
  24. Is banning video games a solution to a peaceful environment?
  25. Should college students take part in political activities?
  26. Is the current power granted to the military justified?
  27. Is current national security invading the privacy rights of citizens?
  28. Have stop and frisk tactics used by police proven to be effective?
  29. Will banning hate speech bring peace?
  30. Is the debate over religions the reason for mass shootings in America?
  31. Can gun laws guarantee peace?

    To write an amazing argumentative topic, you must find a topic that interests you. You may also find some ideas for impressive narrative essay topics here. The topics for the essays usually remain the same. But the format and approach to them vary.

  32. Should juvenile prisoners be given harsh sentences in case of serious crimes?
  33. Should death penalty be eliminated from the justice system?
  34. Is social media promoting the suicides committed by teenagers?
  35. Are anti-smoking campaigns effective?
  36. Should by standards be punished for not intervening during a crime?
  37. Should immigrants be given the same health rights as citizens?
  38. Should hard work be preferred over talent?
  39. Should children with chronic diseases be given the right to assisted suicide?
  40. Should promise to donate be considered legally binding?
  41. Should parents be held responsible for negligent acts of children?
  42. Will climate change make it impossible for human life to exist?
  43. Should there be a tax on religious institutes?
  44. Is diet more effective than exercise to stay fit?
  45. Should cloning be considered legal?
  46. Should the government invest in social movements?
  47. Is democracy safe for the nation?
  48. Is it safe to use social media accounts?
  49. Is social media use increasing or decreasing social interaction?
  50. Is advancement in technology affecting the creativity in humans?
  51. Should cultural diversity be enforced in every workplace?
  52. Should fast food be banned?
  53. Should Obama care continue?
  54. Should the US adopt a Universal Healthcare system?
  55. Should ban-the-box laws be implemented nationwide?
  56. Will Cryptocurrency replace the current form of currency?
  57. Should college athletes be given relaxation in studies?
  58. Should everyone be given the right to free education?
  59. Does corruption have a link to low wages?
  60. Can a financial crisis be averted?
  61. Will the US be able to withstand another Tornado?
  62. Was all Europe affected by the industrial revolution?
  63. Does globalization have the same impact on all countries?
  64. Will electric vehicles be accessible for all?
  65. Should animals be exempted from all kinds of scientific research?

Remember to pick a topic of your choice so it is easier for you to research and argue! Follow the guidelines given by the instructor and proofread your essay before submitting it. You can also ask an essay writing service to proofread your paper at reasonable rates.

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