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No doubt writing an analytical essay is tough because you have to follow certain technicalities. An analytical essay is not just like a synopsis; rather you have to go into details by supporting your stance with key arguments. For example, an analytical essay about a book would mean how and why the author chooses the respective topic. You can also discuss literary devices to enhance the meaning of your essay. You need to use precise language in this type of essay because you are analyzing two different things.

Make sure that your essay has a thesis statement with an argument, your analysis should support your statement and examples should show your in-depth analysis. I am writing down some analytical essay topics so an essay writer can observe how diverse they are. Without further ado here are potential topics for essays:

Potential Topics for Analytical Essay

  1. Cats hate dogs: A myth or reality
  2. Nature is therapeutic you just need to observe
  3. Are pets good with kids?
  4. Ants and bees live in colonies: Analyze
  5. Why do people create music?
  6. Do natural sounds portray nature’s music?
  7. Why are dogs more faithful than cats?
  8. Do cats love to live in wooden boxes?
  9. Humans and the presence of microbes around them
  10. Why are both genders attracted to each other?
  11. Why do teenage boys idealize female celebrities?
  12. Why are teenagers becoming more rebellious?
  13. Alcohol consumption and human nature
  14. Why do some people become introverts while other extroverts?
  15. Do some people have phobias?
  16. How horror movies influence children’s psychology?
  17. Analysis of TV services based on true events
  18. Analyze the main characters of the poem/book
  19. Is the use of drugs in sports ethical?
  20. Performance-enhancing drugs are like snatching success from others!
  21. Is graffiti modern art?
  22. Is it ethical to call graffiti layman art?
  23. Are multicultural societies the new global normal?
  24. COVID-19 and working from home a new global normal
  25. The notion of a multicultural society
  26. 21st century and changing role of gender
  27. Child psychology in single-parent family/gay parents
  28. Finding a balance between family life and career
  29. How to avoid cultural dominance in the global world?
  30. Doping an emerging issue in sports
  31. Regional inequality leads to global inequality and vice versa
  32. Pros and cons of video games
  33. Is addiction a personal choice or a disease?
  34. Changing a gender, societal obligation or personal choice
  35. Does body size affects a person personality and his acceptance in society
  36. Causes and consequences of gambling addiction
  37. Teens and their hidden forms
  38. School uniform: pros and cons
  39. Negative role of school authorities
  40. Importance of science/art/sex education
  41. Is a higher quality of life-related to higher education?
  42. Why are monthly tests in schools important?
  43. How to deal with a bully?
  44. How to improve education standards?
  45. Analyze any civilization in historical context
  46. Analyze keys events mentioned in a popular book
  47. Should parents allow kids to watch TV shows?
  48. Watching a horror movie: A useless activity for kids
  49. How movies can be beneficial for kids?
  50. How much fiction should be permissible in a movie?
  51. Animal reality a bitter reality
  52. Animal killing should be banned worldwide
  53. Do plants communicate with each other?
  54. Do plants have consciousness?
  55. Why could only domesticate a few animals?
  56. Health insurance a necessary emergency
  57. Cheap generic drugs: pros and cons
  58. Do parents affect kids, negatively?
  59. The presence of gangs: An unnecessary evil
  60. Modern society and the role of gangs
  61. Ways to control the crime rate
  62. Cyberbullying
  63. Changing gender norms
  64. Why are sexual behaviors changing around the world?
  65. Why do humans feel angry/happy?
  66. Is optimism better than pessimism?

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