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Sometimes, essay writing could be boring and tedious. But we should not give up. Instead, let’s face it with courage and confidence. Writing an exceptional essay requires much time. Brainstorming a perfect topic for your college essay can be even tough.

To assist an essay writer to get started with a perfect topic, find below a list of college essay topics along with the essay writing tips:

Topics for argumentative essays

  1. Should euthanasia be considered legal for terminal illness
  2. The importance of physical education for college students
  3. Should death sentencing be implemented on the global level?
  4. Should animals be used for scientific experiments and testing
  5. Should comments containing hateful language be blocked on social media platforms
  6. Does technology and its use by people are making people more isolated?
  7. Should marijuana be legalized (for medical purposes)?
  8. Should girls be motivated to take part in sporting?
  9. Parents who fail at parenting should be punished.
  10. Fathers have the right to get equal paternity leaves as mothers.

Topics for informative essays

  1. Merits and demerits of online classes
  2. Climate change and its mitigation
  3. The need to revise human rights policy
  4. Companies and corporate social responsibility
  5. Marijuana and mental health
  6. College students and social media
  7. Internet, social media, and today’s marketing
  8. Kindness is one of the most credible personal traits of people
  9. Being organized helps in academics and professional life
  10. Feminism and improved workforce for women

Topics for persuasive essay

  1. Energy drinks should be banned at colleges
  2. Hunting is not a moral act
  3. Harmful animals should be euthanized
  4. Use of mobile phone should be banned at colleges
  5. Colleges should decrease the workload on students
  6. Sex education may not work.
  7. Importance of social media in increasing business opportunities
  8. Should teachers pass professional exams like students
  9. Should companies invest more in climate change mitigation
  10. Should HR managers check out social media profiles of candidates?

Topics for descriptive essays

  1. Your favorite place
  2. Your ideal personality
  3. About heroes of my country
  4. The event that changed my life
  5. The best experience of my life
  6. The importance of smartphones
  7. The credibility of a poet
  8. Explain meeting your favorite personality
  9. The art that taught me something amazing
  10. A look into my routine life activities

Topics for research essay

  1. Effects of climate change
  2. The role of marketing in business
  3. The role of social media in marketing
  4. The major issue to the tourism sector
  5. Technology and academic performance of students
  6. Colleges are becoming business motivated
  7. Currently, increasing rate of violence
  8. Immigration policies of developed countries
  9. Why the UK left the European Union
  10. Evaluate the relationship of the USA with North Korea

Topics for compare and contrast essays

  1. Generation Y and Generation Z
  2. Introverts and extroverts
  3. Helicopter and airplane
  4. Leaders and managers
  5. Students and researchers
  6. Content writing vs. academic writing
  7. Real-life and dreamed life
  8. Research vs. informative essay
  9. Isolation and social association
  10. Full time vs. part-time job

Topics for narrative essays

  1. A day without internet
  2. The role of teachers in the emotional development of students
  3. Your first love and its effect on you
  4. The time I faced rejection
  5. The bad experience of my life
  6. Schooling and childhood development
  7. Your decision that parents are always right
  8. A personal accomplishment
  9. Technology effects on life and hobbies
  10. The act of kindness you always remember

Writing Tips

Remember, a college essay is always customized as per the provided picked topic. Further, it is also based on the opinion, feelings, observation, and experiences of the writer. Hence, always look for a custom college essay even if you hire an essay writing service to write your essay. Make sure you select a compelling topic because it involves many things. In short, below are the tips that can help you write your essay perfectly.


Start an introduction with a strong hook to catch the reader's attention. Introduce the subject, affirm the main idea, and state thesis statement).


In the body, convey the subject of your essay. Better to create an outline before writing the essay. Start every paragraph with a new concept. Do not tell, show it. Use strong verbs and put sensory analysis.


End up with a strong conclusion. Explain the lessons you have learned along with the contribution of your experiences and evidence to the development of the argument. End this section with a strong statement.

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