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The importance of an introductory paragraph should not be undervalued. It is a part of an essay that both informs and encourages the reader to stay connected and keep reading. It lets the reader know what the essay aims to cover while encouraging them to continue reading. Due to such importance, we must make the best we can to give a perfect start to our essays.

  1. 1. State thesis directly but briefly

    Always ensure you stated your thesis briefly and directly whenever you are starting your essay. But avoid using a common statement such as “this essay aims to…” Instead, speak up the truth and state what the essay is about. As well as what your essay will cover.

  2. 2. Include an interesting fact about your topic and subject

    As mentioned earlier, the introduction is the part that motivates. But it cannot be done unless you make efforts. It means research, collect, and put an interesting fact about the main topic or subject of your essay. Do not look for finding great quotes to catch readers’ attention. But look for something incredible and relevant to your topic. And include in the very first section (introduction) of your essay.

  3. 3. Always be attention griping

    Do not ever think that one should be attention-grabbing only in creative writing. It is important in academic writing, too. Hence, always get away with starting the essay with a figurative bang. Moreover, trying to be memorable and exciting at the beginning of your essay is a great strategy to catch readers towards the work. So, always keep it focused on when starting your essay. If you are still confused, simply ask others to write essay for me.

  4. 4. Sum up your argument persuasively

    Nevertheless, every essay is unique except the plagiarized ones. Some strong strategies and tactics can lead to writing your essay based on a particular (specific) writing style. These strategies can also assist you in how to start an essay; if you follow them accordingly. For instance, if you have to write an informative essay, you can comfortably inform the reader about your main topic. An essay writer can do it at the very beginning of his essay.

    You can summarize your argument in the introduction part if you are writing an argumentative. But make every effort, to sum up, your argument in the most persuasive way.

  5. 5. Continue clinical and technical

    No doubt, all writings may not be interesting and exciting because some works exist for practical aims. Your essay can be one of those works. For example, your essay will exist to inform readers about something crucial if it is informative. Hence, always stay technical according to essay nature when starting it. For example, stay informative when starting and even writing an informative essay.

  6. 6. Cover the most crucial info first

    To give a perfect and great start to your essay, never forget to cover important things first. In simple words, focus on the significant points such as topic and subject the most than the rest (other points). Do so because it provides essay help to the readers to understand the basics of your essay and story.

  7. 7. Always start with attention-catching sentence/hook

    No doubt your essay will be interesting to you. But you cannot guarantee that the case will be the same with other readers. The reader will not bother to read your essay if your work does not immediately grab their interest. Due to this reality, always start your essay with a sentence that commands the attention of the reader from the very beginning.

  8. 8. State and convey the objective of your essay

    Teachers often say that students fail to convey the objective of their essays in the introductory paragraph. So, it is very important to disclose the objective in a thesis statement right in the introductory paragraph.

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