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Are you trying to figure out what you have to write your argumentative essay on? The choice can be hard but not impossible. Argumentative essay topics should give you enough food for thought to clearly take a position and portray it to others. Let’s see if an essay writer can pick one from the following list.

Contentious Essay Topics

  1. Capital punishment should be made legal throughout the world
  2. Selling of tobacco products to certain age groups should be banned
  3. Social media usage and its consequences
  4. Is social media safe to use for children and young age group?
  5. Should college athletes be paid for their services?
  6. Are computers a threat to potential job openings in the future?
  7. Can computers really sideline the need for human intervention?
  8. Mobile phones and their safe use
  9. The need for an education system overhaul
  10. Incorporation of social learning in studies
  11. The benefits and drawbacks of hunting
  12. Does playing video games increase violent tendencies?
  13. The useful aspects of playing video games
  14. Are mobile phones a threat to our health safety?
  15. Prevalence of stereotypes related to cultures in society
  16. The impact of a diverse workforce
  17. Is Wikipedia a worthy source?
  18. Role of energy drinks in promoting adverse health
  19. Academics should involve a more practical approach
  20. Gun-control as means of safeguarding the law
  21. Racial segregation and its universal effects
  22. Should drugs be tested on animals?
  23. Do long-distance relationships have a formidable success rate?
  24. Cost of essential healthcare and should it be free
  25. Are athletes receiving too much pay?
  26. Representation of women in various fields
  27. Mobile phones and the office setting
  28. Accountability related to bullying
  29. Should the state have more strict laws pertaining to crime?
  30. Can we decrease our carbon-footprint or not?
  31. The role of prison in correction
  32. Should prisons be made more presentable for the inmates?
  33. Is the PG rating really useful?
  34. The Marvel universe versus the DC universe
  35. Can a book be judged by the cover?
  36. Do critics matter in identifying movies?
  37. The foundation behind motives of movie villains
  38. Role of media in spreading chaos
  39. Use of video games as a teaching tool
  40. Role of traditions in developing cultural identities
  41. Immigration laws and its strictness
  42. Does democracy really exist?
  43. Is voting the only true representation of a democratic state?
  44. Coronavirus spread due to the inability to comprehend its potential
  45. Spanking and it's after-effects
  46. Should the academic institutions eliminate punishments?
  47. Nature versus Nurture
  48. The legal status of betting in sports games
  49. Social media diminishing the actual social life
  50. Industrialization and safety hazards
  51. Role of industries in ruining nature
  52. Are children given too much freedom in the modern world?
  53. Career choices and the effect of society
  54. The ambiance and its effect on restaurant quality
  55. Should proxies be illegalized?
  56. Privacy in the online world
  57. Can social media organizations use user data for their own profitability?
  58. Does Google really know it all?
  59. Digital books versus physical copies
  60. Higher education is a right for all
  61. Video gaming as a profession
  62. Impact of school uniform
  63. Do exams really measure student capabilities?
  64. Does the student have the ability to surpass the master?
  65. Taxation for the poor and the rich
  66. Steroids and its legality in sports
  67. Are cheerleaders an unnecessary addition?
  68. Effect of parent behavior on children
  69. The modern world and stress
  70. Honor killing and its prevalence
  71. Life support and the decision to disconnect it
  72. Role of gender stereotypes in society
  73. Technology tends to limit creativeness
  74. Traditions make people slaves
  75. The effects of questioning cultural beliefs in removing malpractices
  76. Are zoos harming the natural balance?
  77. Punishment for destroying nature
  78. Immigration produces benefits for the economy
  79. Is patriotism an essential virtue?
  80. Effects of loneliness on brain functioning.

The choices are endless. If you find it difficult, a professional essay writing service could help you with the decision.

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