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Here are over 82 topics for a mindblowing Argumentative Essay for an essay writer to pick from:

  1. Should it be restricted to use animals for research experiments?
  2. Should the burning of the flag be considered illegal?
  3. Should people responsible for the destruction of rainforests be punished?
  4. Should the electoral college be replaced by the popular vote?
  5. Are the body cams for law enforcement effective?
  6. Should juveniles be awarded life sentences for serious crimes?
  7. Should school uniforms be compulsory?
  8. Is the death penalty more effective as compared to rehabilitation?
  9. Should prisoners be allowed to donate organs?
  10. Should prisoners who donate organs get a reduction in their sentence?
  11. Should tobacco be made illegal to prevent smoking?
  12. Is the democratic political system destructive for the nation?
  13. Should working females be offered more privileges as compared to their male counterparts?
  14. Gun laws
  15. Smoking in public places
  16. Constitutional interpretation
  17. Sale of alcohol
  18. Curfew for minors
  19. Are electric vehicles the ultimate solution to environmental pollution?
  20. Should there be a limit imposed on the terms of Congress Members?
  21. Is globalization beneficial for all the countries?
  22. Electoral system
  23. Is the system of quotas for minorities a good practice?
  24. Will advancement in artificial intelligence cause human extinction?
  25. Should there be a ban on cigarette smoking?
  26. Ban the box laws
  27. Privacy invasion
  28. Should there be an increase in the salaries of the police officers?
  29. Is the U.S. calamity measure plan adequate to survive another hurricane?
  30. Does violent media cause aggression in the youth?
  31. Does religion play a role in initiating global wars?
  32. Is the competitive nature of college admission beneficial for the students?
  33. Should euthanasia be made illegal?
  34. Are gun laws effective to reduce crime rates?
  35. Should there be a change in the current policies of public schools?
  36. Is advancement in technology leading to the over-regulation of the Society?
  37. Should the installation of cameras in public places be considered a privacy invasion?
  38. Is it possible to eliminate corruption forever?
  39. Should the prisoners be given the right to vote?
  40. Should political authorities be given extended powers?
  41. Should the government take full responsibility for people with physical disabilities?
  42. Is the advancement of technology restricting the creativity level of children?
  43. Is procrastination increasing due to reliance on technology?
  44. Should students be given homework?
  45. Should Violent video games be prohibited for teenagers?
  46. Should social media owners be held responsible for the violent and inappropriate content?
  47. Is social networking helpful for relieving depression?
  48. Is banning the Steroid takers from team sports activities an effective solution?

    These topics are diverse. With a bit modification, you can also use them as persuasive or cause and effect essay topics when assigned one. You must clearly point out the causes and effects in that case.

  49. Should a critically ill person be allowed to choose to die?
  50. Should immigrants be given the same rights as natives?
  51. Should education be free for everyone regardless of economic status?
  52. Can the companies be allowed to advertise in schools?
  53. Should the media industry be enforced to be more diverse?
  54. Can video games be used as an educational tool?
  55. Should all young people be sent to serve in the military?
  56. Can a private business deny to serve any customer based on religion, gender, sexual orientation, or race?
  57. Do immigrants place a burden on the educational system of the U.S.?
  58. Should the government impose net neutrality laws on internet service providers?
  59. Should the public school system be replaced by charter schools?
  60. Should print media be eliminated completely?
  61. Should education be commercialized?
  62. Have Equal Rights Amendments proven to be effective for women workers?
  63. Should the religious institutions be exempted from the tax?
  64. Should schools be allowed to monitor the internet use of their students?
  65. Should the federal authorities be granted the power to make regulations with the same authority as legislative bodies?
  66. Should Congress be given the power to abolish birthright citizenship?
  67. Should offensive speech be protected by the First Amendment?
  68. Should the U.S. government implement universal health care?
  69. Should local communities take part in designing the school curriculum?
  70. Should classical education be replaced by technological inventions?
  71. Is the European Union significant to Europe?
  72. Should the soldiers be replaced by AI machines on the battlefield?
  73. Was the decision of Great Britain to leave the European Union justified?
  74. Should the constitution be followed as per the wording or the benefit of society?
  75. Should all animal sports be banned?
  76. Minimum wage increment
  77. Dietary restrictions
  78. The sovereignty of state laws
  79. Cultural diversity as a hurdle
  80. Assisted suicide
  81. Puerto Rico’s right to become a state
  82. Election of USSC judges
  83. Should the recipients of welfare payments be demanded to seek work actively?

Pick an interesting topic, take a stance, and start writing! Moreover, you can also ask an essay writing service to select an interesting topic for you.

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