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Topic: Time Management Techniques


It has become essential to learn time management techniques to be able to reach the pace of life. It is a process of practicing control over the time that we spend on multiple actions and activities such as working, studying, etc. The main objective of learning time management techniques is to improve the productivity and the success level of the work. Time management tactics can be learned using some techniques and skills such as planning your tasks, allocation of your time properly, organizing, by following a schedule, setting goals, monitoring your performance, and prioritizing tasks. In this essay, I will further explain the time management techniques that are followed by me to help me improve my lifestyle, personal relationships, and professional life.


When I analyzed the way I spend most of the time I realized that I desperately need to make a schedule to follow a proper routine. This is the reason I often used to lad behind and caught myself whining and complaining about the situation but it isn’t how it works. It is essential to learn skills and techniques to manage our time to be able to be more productive and successful. The first technique I learned to manage my time efficiently was planning. Planning your daily, weekly and even monthly tasks help to divide you among throughout the day.

The second most important technique to manage time is allocating your time properly and organizing tasks. I found it the most convenient way to save time because when a certain period of time is allocated for a task I know I should not procrastinate to waste time. It helped me find a lot of leisure time for myself and my family to spend time with them which improved my relationships as well.

Thirdly, eventually, I have understood that prioritizing your tasks through scheduling is a tremendous way to get rid of anxiety and stress. I determined my goals and followed the time management techniques to achieve them. It helped me do my work even before the time otherwise I would always panic at the eleventh hour. I also ensure that I monitor my own performance to ensure my growth and success.

At first, it was difficult for me to follow a specific routine but gradually I became habitual and it helped me achieve my goals. I learned how to plan, organize, schedule, and prioritize things to save time. Following all these techniques proved to be beneficial in transforming my life positively. We all should learn how to utilize our time in productive tasks instead of wasting so much time on unimportant activities.

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