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American Psychological Association is the referencing format that is mostly used for psychology courses. Students from psychology and other social science subjects use it to write their papers. Just like various other formats, APA has some specifications that need to be followed. If you are looking for APA style and format guidance then this article will provide you complete information that you want to know.

There are four major sections in APA that make your assignment complete and well structured. All sections are explained below to provide you an essay help.

Make a Title Page

This is the first page of the assignment. The title page contains all the information about the student, professor, course, and assignment. It starts with the name of the topic followed by the student and teacher's name. The main purpose of this page is to provide a quick overview of the paper, what it is about, and who is the author of the work.

Create an Abstract

In short assignments, teachers often ask students to skip the abstract page in a lengthy assignment. In this particular format, you have to write almost a hundred to two-hundred words in abstract but it can exceed according to the professor's instructions. You start with the main question that you have answered in the paper. Afterward, you have to explain the methodology, assumptions, and possible outcome of the paper. In short, you have to write a summary of the paper in the abstract.

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Write Content in Main Body

After an abstract, the main work starts. For instance, if you are writing an essay then you will start the introduction from the very next page. The main body section depends on the requirement and length of the paper. In psychology, students are required to write a lab report. In such a condition, the assignment needs to break down in further parts. However, common sections for the APA format are the introduction, discussion, and conclusion. Sometimes, teachers provide you a section to write in but mostly you have to divide your content yourself.

Therefore, read the instructions carefully and develop an outline. Note all the questions or points that the teacher wants you to cover. Later make headings according to the requirement and add information logically. In this way, you will know how to divide content and how to cover all requirements.

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Add Citations and References

Citations are important to make your work authentic and reliable. It is used to highlight the part of your work that you have taken from some other paper. In APA, in-text citations show the author’s name and published date of the paper. For example, if the writer's name is Sam Freud and the publication date of the book is 1993 then it will be cited as (Freud, 1993). Here we recommend you to use the latest articles or books for your work. Teachers prefer to accept references from the previous five to ten years rather than decade-old papers.

After adding in-text citations it is now time to make a reference page. This is the last section of the paper in APA. You have to follow some requirements to make a perfect reference page. These requirements are:

  • Start with heading “references” in the middle of a new page
  • Add references in alphabetical orders
  • Give double space between references
  • Don’t bold references
  • Make titles of the paper italic
  • Cover all in-text citations for references and don't skip any of them. Also, don't add reference if you didn't add its intext citation in the paper.
  • This should be your last page and do not write anything after it unless the teacher asks you to add a new section after it.

This guide will help you write a perfect APA paper. However, if you still need any help, get help from an ‘ write essay for me’ service websites available online.

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