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American Sociological Association or ASA is one form of citations among many. Mainly scholars studying Sociology use this citation in their research work. Just like MLA and APA, ASA is also an important form of a citation with a unique method to complete. If you are writing a Sociology research paper then it would be incomplete without proper references. It means you would mention all-academic sources from where you have collected the data.

You can say that ASA format is the backbone of Sociology in terms of references and your paper would not be complete without it. Proper references not only add credibility to your research but it shows your grip on the subject too. One thing is important to note that the citation style may differ and usually, your professor would decide about it. It is true that all subjects are associated with limited citation styles, for example, AMA is solely used by medical students.

For social studies and history, you can choose between Turabian, MLA, or Chicago Manual style. Each citation method requires different principles to follow and remember that you cannot mix two citation styles and try to stick with one. However, APA and ASA citations have some common attributes too like references. In this article, I will specifically highlight the formatting method of ASA. I am sure after reading this post you would be able to incorporate proper ASA citations in your sociology paper. However, if you still need help, you can always ask others to write my essay for me at affordable rates.

ASA formatting and style

Title page

In this formatting start writing your essay from the second page and leave the first page as the title page. On this page, write the topic, author's name, and institutional affiliation. You should also include a title footnote containing the information about grants and acknowledgments.


Sometimes it is not mandatory to write abstract but if your professor asks then write it on a separate page after the title page. The ideal word limit for the abstract is 150-300 words but if you are writing a dissertation make sure to complete it within the given word limit.

If you need help with your abstract, ask a write my paper service.


Include 5-7 keywords in your essay as these would identify the main theme.


Your margins should be 1 ¼ inch from all sides unless a specific journal or your professor directed otherwise.

Text formatting

The specific text for ASA citation is Arial 12 point with double space. It can vary too if your professor asks.

Sequence of subheadings

Subheadings are important to include for organizing or presenting your text in a better way. Headings are common in any essay but some writers also use subheadings. The format for subheadings is as follows

    • Use all capital letters and align it to the left side
    • Do not bold it
    • There is no need to write the heading of introduction
    • Directly start writing essays from the second page
  • Second-Level Head
    • Italic text with left justify
    • Do not bold it
    • Use title case
  • Third level head
    • Use italic text with align to the left side
    • This heading should be indented followed by a period
    • Only capitalize the first letter of the heading

Footnotes and endnotes

Adding references in your essay in the most important part. In this citation, endnotes are used more frequently than footnotes. But use one of them rather than mixing them up. However, there is an exception too where you can use footnote only on the title page and endnotes in your whole essay. For a journal article you will cite it like this:

  • First name of the author, second name of author, year of publishing, "title of Journal article" Name of Journal in italic volume number, page number.
  • For a book, use an endnote like this: First name of the author, second name of the author, edition number, year of publishing. Book name in italic, city name where the book was published.

These were some important points to follow in ASA citation. If you think it is too much for you to handle just go online and find legit online essay writing services. These would help you to write your essay and offer free citations and free revisions for your paper.

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