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There are many types of citations derived by academics for the ease of students. Every major academic discipline has derived its unique citation style. AMA or American Medical Association is specifically used by medical students. They mention all their research work by following this citation with their research. Medical sciences believe in empirical evidence. If a student is doing research then he or she must have to mention how much other researchers have worked on the same treatment. The best way to do it is to use AMA citation in this way he or she can add credibility in his research.

In the same way, APA was developed by the American Psychological Association specifically for psychology students. Psychology students around the world use this citation for research and experiments. IEEE or the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers is also specifically followed by engineers of electronics and electrical. The vast range of citations shows that each academic discipline has derived its own method.

To some extent, it has facilitated students in their research work. In short, you can say that your research work is incomplete if you do not follow a certain type of citation. For electronics and electrical students IEEE citation is important to follow. Just like other citations it also has a certain format to follow only then you would get good grades. In this article, I will try to highlight the basics of this citation and how you can follow it while writing essays.

Format of this citation

  • In-text citation: To include a source in a paragraph it should be mentioned in square brackets e.g. [1] in appearance order, or the author stated that [19]. If you want to include this citation in the literature review you would write like this Cooper [8].
  • Reference List: The sources at the end of the document called reference lists which include all cited sources. The sequence remained the same on this page the first reference comes first. You would not follow the alphabetical order like in Chicago Manual Citation.

Reference examples

For printed book

  • [Reference number] Author’s first name. author’s second name, the title of the book in italic, Book edition (if it is second or more), City of publication, Publisher, and Year of publishing
    • For example: [1] G. A. Revolg, Artificial Communications, 5th edition. Harlow: Prentice-Hall, 2012

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For a book chapter

  • [Reference number] Author's Initials. Author's Surname, "Chapter title in the book," Book title, edition (if not first) Editor's initials followed by the surname, city of publication: publisher name, year of publishing, page numbers.
    • For example: [2] A. C. Li and Y. Z. Wang, “MEMS manufacturing of tissue devices,” in mems for Biomedical Applications, S. Bhansal and A. Vasudev, edition, Cambridge Woodhead, 2014, pp. 209-245.

For a printed journal article

  • [Reference number] Author's initials. author's surname, "title of the article," Name of a journal in italic, volume number, issue number, page numbers if applicable followed by month and year.
    • For example: [3] F. Gan, Y. Au, Y. Wang, C. M. Hu, “Mechanical Study of Brain,” Optics and Laser Technology, volume 98, pp 278-299, December 2016.

For an online journal article

  • [Reference number] Author’s first and last name (year and month of publishing). “Title of article.” Title of Journal, Volume number, issue number, page numbers if applicable, pdf link of the document.
    • For example: [4] M. Semfoli. (2004, July). "Commerce, web-corporate, and role of the internet". Communications Journal [Online]. Volume 10, Issue 20. Available at: Past link here.

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