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Students often get a mixed feeling whenever their instructors ask them to write a compare and contrast essay. While writing the essay is quite an interesting task as you have to keep your mind on two things and compare and contrast their various aspects. It could also be very daunting as it is a bit more complex than other types of essays. If you are one of those students who get more fearful than excited about getting a compare and contrast essay assignment, this article is for you. Read this and implement the lessons learned in your next essay writing assignment and you will know the difference.


Before you begin writing your essay, you should have a clear picture of what a compare and contrast essay is in your mind. The literal meaning of ‘compare’ is to look for the similarities between two things and ‘contrast’ means the opposite, to look for the dissimilarities between two things or more. In the compare and contrast essay, an essay writer discusses the similarities and differences between the two or more things. However, you can also discuss either similarities or differences in a short essay.

Topic Selection

The foremost thing in this essay writing is the selection of the right topic. Many of the students make the mistake of selecting wrong and inappropriate topics that cannot be logically compared and contrasted. If your teacher has given you an option to choose a topic of your own choice, you should select a topic wisely. It should be something of your interest and more importantly, could be efficiently compared and contrasted.

Starting of Essay

The beginning of your essay is very crucial. Therefore, it needs to be given some extra attention as it will define the success of your essay.

  • Introducing the subject: Don’t make the mistake of starting your essay by comparing and contrasting. You should instead introduce the topic by giving some background information to your readers.
  • Composing the thesis: Never forget that thesis is the most important thing in your essay. Your whole essay will revolve around this. Therefore, you should create a very strong and precise thesis statement. It should not exceed the length of two sentences.
  • Briefly mention the key points of your essay: In the introduction, you will also give readers the idea of what they can expect in the essay by briefly writing about the key points that you will be shortly discussing in the essay.

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Compare and Contrast transition words

Your compare and contrast essay would be incomplete without the use of appropriate compare and contrast transition words. These words if used correctly can make your instructor give you an A-grade. Here is a list of some compare and contrast transition words:

  • Similarly
  • In the same manner
  • As
  • Also
  • Just as
  • Likewise
  • By the same token
  • Similar to
  • While
  • However
  • Conversely
  • Contrastingly
  • At the other end of the spectrum
  • On the other end of the tunnel
  • Nevertheless
  • Opposing
  • Contrary
  • On the other hand

Remember not to use these transition words very frequently and unnecessarily.

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