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The expository essay is an attempt to carve out new dynamics of any topic. The exposition practice includes conducting research, developing content, and presenting it in a new manner. But this practice can be conducted in different manners, for example, you may find it interesting to present the facts in a simple descriptive manner or as a solution to any existing problem. These forms of expository essays are called the cause and effect essay and the problem or solution essay. Students often get confused about the types of expository essays, as each of them appears much similar. If you get confused about the types, let us explain to you the purpose and their tips for writing essays.


The cause and effect and/or problem and solution essays are some of the widely practiced forms of expository essays. Students often categorize them as the simplest form of expository writings. The purpose of such essays is to hit at some most common issues or phenomena. They are easy to write, and you can easily put in different arguments. Such essays also provide students with reading material and widen their concepts. The cause and effect essay can act as a thorough guide about the common phenomenon we observe while a problem and solution essay may widen a person’s concept about existing issues in our society.

Writing Tips

Writing a cause and effect or problem or solution essay is not a difficult task. Both are simple expository essays and just require a different strategy to develop these essays. For a cause and effect or problem or solution essay, you simply need to follow these steps that will help you develop your essay.

Pick an easy or a common topic

You may get into trouble if you opt for a difficult topic. For example, many students talk about social or political things, but it becomes difficult for them to develop a narrative. For cause and effect or problem or solution essay, you must rely on petty issues.

Read available literature

Reading the available literature is the prerequisite, prior to writing cause and effect or problem or solution essay. This literature will help you create a stance and will provide you enough ideas to work on. Reading literature helps you develop narrative and will clear any ambiguity if you have any about the topic you intend to work on.

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Gather evidence

Now when you are done with reading the relevant literature, gather evidence. Without having evidence about any issue, you cannot work over it. Among the types of expository writing, there would be hardly any topic that doesn't require evidence for substantiating your viewpoint. In cause and effect or problem or solution essay, you will need to gather evidence to develop a stance that will help you develop a certain viewpoint for the readers.

Pen down the essay and suggest a solution

After when you have enough ideas to work on, start online essay writing. At this point remain specific to your narrative and analyse generally each issue related to your topic. In cause and effect or problem or solution essay, you will finally provide suggestions. These are crucial, and you will provide some practical and workable solutions about the topic you have worked on.

Write a Conclusion

Now when you are done with each bit of your essay develop your conclusion. This part is important as you will make it general and reflective of your study. Avoid referring to details you think are not important and recommend things that you believe can benefit the readers.

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