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Cause and effect essay writing online is the genre of essay in which writers write about a certain event, thing, issue, or situation. It is mandatory to explain all aspects of the topic like definition explanation, factors behind the event, and its impact on individuals or society. The title of the essay itself explains the main purpose that is the reasons and results of a particular topic.

Teachers often give cause and effect essays instead of asking just cause or impact. It is the best way to know more about the topic. Students narrow their research and learn a lot from this genre of essay. Mostly, teachers give a topic to the students but sometimes they give open choice to select a topic. At this point, students get confused and end up with a boring topic that ultimately makes their essay uninteresting or of low quality.

The following are some of the interesting topics related to health and social issues for an essay writer. You can always get help from a ‘ write my paper for me’ service and get it done.

Topics on Health

  • Video games enhance the IQ of children
  • Immunity can be increased by optimism
  • Childhood experiences affect adulthood behavior
  • Covid-19 changed the living pattern
  • Lack of vaccination for Covid-19 is the hurdle for healthcare professionals
  • The obesity rate is high in America
  • Emotional issues result in poor immunity
  • Obesity results in joint issues
  • Organ sale should not be banned
  • The major cause of heart attack is high blood pressure
  • The eating disorder leads to the poor digestive system
  • Depression destroys the social life of the patient
  • Unrealistic beauty standards decrease self-esteem among youth
  • Music therapy is useful for cancer patients
  • Exercise is effective for reducing stress
  • Tropical diseases cause in Asia
  • Main causes of cancer
  • Impact of stress at the workplace
  • Why do parents ignore their child vaccination?
  • Why social distancing is important to reduce Covid risk?
  • Reasons for different types of phobias in human
  • Reasons and impact of the high cost of healthcare facilities

Above are the health-related topics. We have separated health-related and social issues related topics for your ease. You can select from these cause and effect essay topics. However, make sure you select a topic that is interesting for you. This is because if you select a topic randomly it can take more time than the topic that is interesting for you or the one for which you already acquire some knowledge. Below are the social issues related topics for your essay. Or you can also buy essay online now.

Topics on Social Issues

  • Mobiles are dangerous for family relations
  • Long-distance relationship results in distrust
  • High educational cost is an issue in America
  • Illiteracy is the root of racism
  • Feminist movement goals are changing with time
  • Pollution is the reason for global warming
  • The number of floods is increasing due to melting glaciers in Antarctica
  • Increase in sea temperature causing death to fish species
  • Social-economic status is dangerous for children’s future
  • Immigration policies are oppressing minorities
  • Economic activities effects social issues
  • Religious oppression is still present in society
  • Negative reaction on breastfeeding in public is an issue for mothers
  • Technology is helpful during the time of the pandemic
  • Children involved in extracurricular activities are more social
  • Reasons for poverty in America
  • Reasons for unemployment in America
  • Impact of immigration policies on free trade
  • Why men earn more than women for the same work
  • Main reasons behind the increase in suicide rate al around the world
  • Reasons and effect of an increase in "work from home" concept

We hope you have got your favorite topic. You can select for yourself and your friends as well. Furthermore, you can consult with your teacher if you are confused about more than one topic. After the selection of the topic, you can start searching for relevant information to write your essay. However, if you are confused about the writing process, get help from an expert but cheapest essay writing service now.

Good luck!

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