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Often students are asked to write Application Essays defining their future aims, goals, and dreams. Sometimes, they have to write such application essays in pursuit of some scholarships offered by their institute. Here are the following important tips on how to write such an application essay along with a practical application essay example is given to help the essay writer understand and learn.

Tips to write a College Application Essay

  1. A Formal Application format must be kept in mind. Every student must essentially know the necessary parameters of an application.
  2. The first paragraph should be a catchy one including a hook statement. Your first paragraph will decide whether the reader will read it completely or not. Include your introduction in this paragraph but in a brief and precise way. Confused about writing an engaging hook? Consult an essay writing service.
  3. In the body paragraphs which may be moderate in length; i.e. neither short nor long; demonstrate your future and career dreams and goals. Put life into your narration by making it lovely, practical, and interesting. If you are unsure about your writing skills, ask others to write my essay.
  4. Accentuate more on your key goals and the relevance of your present academic education/degree with your goals. Try to put in writing all the important aspects of your career goals.
  5. Do not talk about problems and hurdles; instead, you should talk about solutions you’ve planned to apply in your career. Be precise and organized while writing about your goal. Write only the practical, real, and achievable goals, and never turn your essay into a fascinating and imaginative story.
  6. At last, summarize your application essay and emphasize what you want to do in your career. You can ask any expert writer from the essay writing services to provide you with some college application essay examples through which you may get an idea to write. A similar example is given below here for your help.

College Application Essay Example

Dear Sir / Madam

Subject: My Life Goals

I am John Parker, a student of BS Honors – English Literature, 3rd Semester, at Harvard University. Teachers have got miraculous powers that can reshape the personality of any person in all circumstances. I never knew this reality but I am thankful to my teacher Sir James Patrick who made me realize this and a dream of becoming an English Literature Teacher has taken birth in me.

I always respected my teachers since early childhood as I remained much close to my teachers who taught me everything I never knew earlier. But, I never thought to be a teacher and especially a teacher of English Literature. When I joined the university and Sir James Patrick taught us English Literature in a magical and mesmerizing way, I decided that I’ll be like him in my future.

It is not only the influence of Sir Patrick that I have chosen English Literature and Teaching as my career. I do remember that since childhood I was inclined towards literature as I loved reading and writing stories and novels. Fascinated by William Wordsworth’s poetry, I used to imagine and write admiration of natural beauty in my school and college life. Once, I visited with my friends a beautiful hilly area with greenery all around and lovely water streams flowing. I stood beside the stream and got vanished into deep thoughts witnessing the charming beauty of nature. When my friends shook me, I came back into my consciousness and realized that a lovely natural beauty poem was produced during that enchanting spell.

After this unforgettable incident, I kept focusing more on literature, but I hadn’t yet decided to become a teacher in my future. At the university, not only I have observed my teachers closely but I have also done sufficient research to know about the most sanctified profession of teaching. This has made me realize that I have a great passion to become a teacher.

I want to become a teacher given it is the teacher that holds the power to make doctors, engineers, pilots, soldiers, politicians, leaders, artists, writers, poets, thinkers, journalists, analysts, etc., and so on….especially the “Teachers”. I’ll be a teacher of English Literature in my future and I will teach my students every essential aspect of English Literature that would produce marvelous and dynamic skills in my students. I wish to become a part of the nation-builders’ team called the “Teachers”.

This guide will help you write a college application essay in no time. However, you can also hire a paper writing service.

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