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Many students take their college essays much lightly though they shouldn’t take them that easy. They sometimes disregard some points, as they are often unaware of the risks they are about to take. The very first thing they would face due to carelessness in managing their essays would be lower grades. We must always encourage and motivate students to make the best of their efforts when writing any college essay. Looking at and covering every essential part of an essay is actually the effort one has to make.

The following are important and major essay writing essentials. All an essay writer needs to do is to focus on and cover each one of them.


Type your essay with 12 points font. Make sure you use double spacing (if not specified by your teacher). Put header, footer, and number of pages. Correctness matters and counts. Hence, proofread properly and carefully.


You are always encouraged to use a very natural voice or tone when writing your essay. Many students do but avoid using highly colloquial usage. For example, the end of the story blew my mind. Make sure you use simple present tense when discussing actions from a piece of work. Do so if the work is happening in the present time.

Moreover, do not forget to use transformational words or phrases. Transformational words help to best connect different aspects of your argumentation. The use of transformation words is the approach that helps readers of your college essay to follow the thread of your analysis, discussion, and argument/argumentation. Transformational words or phrases enable you to give a strong start to a sentence. As well as make you able to connect independent clauses.


Always introduce the text you are going to write about in the very beginning of your essay. Do this by listing the name of the author and the working title. Make sure you underline the title of a book and put it in italics. Use the last name of the author in the consequent reference to the author(s). Refer to a longer title by a short version if it (title) is very long.


The introduction is an important part of your essay. Do not ever start by quoting the topic you are writing about. Don’t start your essay too generalized.

The best way to start your essay is to state your main theme/idea, main points, and your thesis statement. This will help the reader know what the writer is going to argue.

Creating the argument

Never evaluate the quality of the work (e.g. writing) when building your argument. You are not supposed to write a review. Instead, you are supposed to write criticism. Hence, be very known and clear about your argumentation.

It may not be easy to your desire but try your best to avoid plot summary. Your reader (e.g. teacher) is indeed familiar with the text. Hence, do not write a summary but create the argument. Another important thing to focus on is evidence. It means, always gives examples and evidence to support your argumentation. Do this at all costs. Using quotes is one of the best approaches to support your argument. So, consider it when needed.

Also, never forget to determine what your text is saying while making sure that your paper is discussing your analysis of the text.


Without an effective conclusion, an essay is of no use as it actually summarizes the key points of an essay and gives the reader a chance to think and rethink those points in his/her knowledge capacity. Therefore, always make the best of your efforts to develop strong conclusions. This section must also revisit the thesis statement, give your essay a point of completion, and synthesize over the points.

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