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If you are going to start research writing, beware of problems that you might face. Students often fall into trouble due to some predictable traps and if you don’t want to face such issues then learn about them. This article will highlight some of the issues that you need to avoid while writing your research task. It will make you able to complete your research writing with high quality to impress your teacher and classmates or you can always ask others to write essay for me.

Lack of Sufficient Research

Students don't give sufficient time to their research writing. They complete their task with limited information. However, in reality, you have to give enough time to research so that you get clear about the topic before starting writing.

The core problem is that students make their thesis and then start searching for sources. This is an incorrect concept and students should search before creating their thesis. Research before the thesis statement helps students to choose a better subject or narrowing the research topic.

Weak Thesis Statement

After selecting your subject or position for the topic, you have to create a thesis statement. Students face problems while making the thesis statement strong and perfect. In the research paper, the thesis statement acts as a backbone and it should reflect the reason or purpose of the paper. To make your thesis statement, use strong words, and define your point of view. Avoid wordiness to make statements accurate and clearer to the readers. In other words, it should be compelling, genuine, and interesting for the readers.

No Connection between Thesis and Supporting Statements

The thesis statement reflects the main argument then you have to provide various sub-arguments. These sub-arguments or supporting statements are used to justify your thesis statement. However, students often fail to connect supporting statements with the thesis. Each supporting statement should be made to prove the thesis correct. Students often connect these statements relevant to the topic but not with the thesis.

If you are still confused about how to relate your supporting statements with the thesis you can take help from someone else. An essay writing service is available to sort this problem out. It provides engaging and convincing paper at a reasonable price. It is important to resolve this issue because without connection you cannot make well-defined paper.

Weak Supporting Data

The connection between thesis and supporting statements is crucial, however, it cannot be done without having relevant data. Students make the thesis and try to relate it with sub-arguments but due to lack of examples or data, their claim becomes false. There should be factual and strong data that can take back your thesis then only you can provide accurate results at the end of your paper.

For this purpose, an essay writer is required to search a lot before and after making the thesis. In addition, collect data for each supporting statement. After starting each paragraph with one of the supporting statements you have to explain it with facts, and examples. You can also add figures or numerical data to make content stronger.

No Proper Referencing

You are required to provide authentic and reliable paper instead of copying someone else's work. However, it is the need for your research essay that you use information from articles, books, or other sources. Therefore, the only solution for this issue is to add in-text citations and references’ page. Students often fulfill all requirements but fail to add references properly. It is crucial to give credit to the person whose work you are using.

Therefore, correct the required format for the reference. Add in-text citations just after the sentence that you have taken from other sources. Also, develop a reference page at the end of the paper. Add all references in alphabetical orders. You can make references through formatting software if you don't know how to add them manually.

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