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Verb tense continuity refers to holding the very same tense over a sentence. The objective is to minimize using a mix of tenses to describe a particular time period. It's indeed best to begin a new clause or perhaps a new sentence entirely in case you are describing more than a one-time period.

For example, Ben finishes his work, went for a walk, and slept the whole night.

‘Went’ and ‘slept’ are from past tense but ‘finishes’ refers to present tense. The shift from present to past seems confusing here. Let’s correct it;

Ben went for a walk and slept the whole night, and now he is finishing his work.

So in the recent example, Ben’s past actions were described in the first clause whereas his present actions were stated in the second independent clause - that has its own subject and verb.

You can go through this tutorial to learn what is the technique of maintaining verb consistency throughout your essay. Also, feel free to reach out to online services offering model papers for money to see a few examples of how professionals maintain verb-tense continuity. Moreover, they have experts who can guide with further tips and guidelines about how to control your verb continuity in your write-ups. If you are confused, always ask others to write my paper for me.

How to maintain verb consistency?

A few of the main strategies to maintain continuity of verb tense arises by understanding how to manage verb tense adjustments. This is not really too difficult.

Essay writing online also includes the job of representing a thing or event. There are occasions where you should narrate a storyline, and need to use a brief analogy or maybe even an imaginary scenario as just a point of reference to explain your argument in a paper. Particularly when preparing an essay that does not specifically tell a narrative there may be time constraints suggested for the activities being debated or claimed.

Moreover, adjustments in verb tense can enable the reader to perceive a deeper significance of the things being addressed. And therefore, needless or inconsistent verb tense changes will surely lead to misunderstandings.

How to control shifts in verb tenses?

  • As a general guideline, it is important to state a specific tense in the first place. Then onwards the essay writer can apply occasional shifts to present any fundamental adjustments in date or time.
  • The use of the past tense must be encouraged when citing an author or other historical events.
  • Consider applying present tense if you are citing a fact, or expressing your own thoughts, and works of another writer. Now, if you choose to use the present tense at the beginning, try to stay consistent throughout your essay. Shifts in verbs are applicable where you identify it is important to be adjusted with the requirement.
  • You can also depict future tense where necessary, such as with ‘shall, would, will, is going to be, are about to, next day, etc.’

Points to consider while using the perfect tense

  1. The use of perfect tense will usually be defined by the connection between both the tense and the main narrative. When the primary narrator uses the clear past tense, then all behavior done within the period of time will actually be considered in the past perfect.
    • Keep in mind, past primary narration goes with past perfect tense (had + past participle)
  2. In case the main narration is represented through present perfect tense, then any specific activity which began well before the storytelling period of time will be written in the present perfect tense.
    • Within this in mind, the present primary narration goes with present perfect tense (has/have + past participle)
  3. And if the primary narrator is represented using the simple future tense, it must then be written using future perfect tense for all behavior that happens within that time period.
    • Remember, with the future primary narration goes with future perfect tense (will have + past participle)

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