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Review essay is one of the most common types of essays assigned by teachers to their high school or college students. The purpose of a review essay is to review a movie, research article, book, or any other source of information. Students have to academically present their opinion about the given source and also have to support their claim or opinion by citing different sources and information form the given document.

Review essays are different from brief reviews or comments that are shared by people on the internet. It is academic writing. However, students could use an informal tone in the review essay depending on the instruction of the teacher. The purpose of the review essay is to make students read the given document, analyze it, and present their thoughts and opinion on a piece of paper. This is also a great way for teachers to make sure that the students are not only reading the given readings but are also able to understand them and make an opinion about them.

Tips to write an interesting review essay

If you think writing a review essay is a cumbersome task for you, you should note and try to adopt the following tips:

  • Chose a topic of your interest

    Most of the time teachers ask you to review any of the reading that you have read in the course. Sometimes, they assign you a particular reading. And other times, they give you complete freedom to choose any text of your liking. When given freedom, you should choose a reading that interests you and you will love to read it and write about it. If you are confused about choosing a good topic, consult a write my essay service now.

  • Read the document thoroughly

    There is no way you can write a review essay without reading the whole document. If it is a movie, watch it completely with undivided attention. If you have time you should reread the document and underline important points or make notes. Make sure that you do not miss any important information.

  • Make an outline

    Outlining your essay would make the process of essay writing a lot easier and would also save time. After outlining you won’t have to worry about what goes where. You will write your thoughts in an organized way. If you do not know how to make an outline, you can ask an essay writing service for free essay assistance. Here, they often offer minor proofreading assistance, thesis statement development, and paper formatting, etc.

  • Have an interesting opening

    If you want to write an interesting essay, you should keep it interesting from the start. In the first few lines, you should hook the attention of the reader in your essay. Look for an interesting fact in the given source.

  • Take help

    Writing essays is a long process, you have to read the given document which could be a long and boring book to write your essay. If you think you don’t have the energy to do it yourself, consider hiring a write my essay service. They provide outstanding essays.

  • Review essay is not a summary

    Many students write a summary of the document in their review essay and then complain that they got bad grades. They should know that the review essay is not about summarizing the essay. You need to review it. Look at it through your perspective. Make an opinionated claim about the given source and then prove it by citing data from it.

  • Include both the negative and positive things

    You do not only have to just criticize the document throughout your essay. But you should also acknowledge and appreciate its good points. It should be balanced.

  • Do not miss to discuss the main arguments

    While reading the document, you should separate all the main points. And after online essay writing, you should check if you have missed any of the main points.

  • These tips will help you write a perfect review essay or you can also ask someone to write my paper for me.

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