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Think of writing essays as an artwork that people will see at a museum or a public area. A good introduction draws the reader’s attention right away. A hook sentence is one which is designed to make the reader sufficiently curious that they continue to read. But starting the first sentence of an essay whether you call it the hook or the introduction is usually the hardest part for people to write. It is because the information an essay writer wants to write about is still unorganized ideas.

You have one paragraph to place the “bait” before the reader. When they think there is a reason to read on, they will continue and give you a chance to set the hook. It is not just to get the reader to continue, but to continue with a genuine interest in what you have to say, and to engage with your essay.

If the essay addresses a particular question or controversy, then a perfect introduction should be related to whatever that topic is in a larger context. You can organize your train of thoughts for a perfect hook by brainstorming important things you hope to address in your essay. Write the ideas down on a separate note. Those are the framework of your hook—the skeletons that will draw readers to your piece of work. If necessary, don’t worry about starting your essay with a perfect hook but rather REVISE the introduction after you have completed the essay to reflect the “BIG picture” as a hook.

Here are some ideas that you can use to develop a creative hook for your online essay writing:

  1. Starting with a question is one of the most effective ways of creating a hook. This provokes curiosity. When someone hears a question they want to know the answer to that question. It could be a simple question but it should be able to make your readers want to hear more about your topic. Take this as a hook example for an essay about entrepreneurship; “What can you learn by comparing a successful and an unsuccessful entrepreneur?” The objective of this essay hook is to make the readers want to learn more about what successful entrepreneurs do and what the unsuccessful entrepreneurs doing wrong.
  2. Start with an interesting quote. But using some famous or popularly used quote will bore the readers and it will also make you appear lazy. So try using some unique quote from a book that you have reviewed or a quote by some inspirational or influential person.
  3. Use a metaphor or simile. This kind of hook makes the readers think about the topic from a different angle or perspective. The readers will wonder what you want to say and how are you comparing a topic with something that seems unrelated or unconnected.
  4. Be mysterious. Leave your readers curious by telling them some details and leaving the rest to their imagination.

When you are asked to write an essay, you are expected to be creative. Don’t be boring or too formal. Your main purpose should be grabbing the attention of your readers and keeping their attention.

Finding or generating a perfect hook for an essay can be a difficult task. Try incorporating these ideas in your essay but if you still don’t know what and how to write then you should take help from the website offering a write my paper service. Their professional writers can help you develop an interesting hook or even write an entire unique essay for you.

Or you can share your prompt with them and ask them to produce five or six different hooks for you. You can choose one of them to incorporate in your own essay. Finally, you can let them proofread and fix your work by request ‘write my essay for me’ to make sure you don’t lose any grades for your hard work.

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