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One key factor of writing a good research paper is the development of a strong thesis statement.

But what is a thesis statement anyway?

If you have recently enrolled in university, you might have heard senior students referring to their final paper as ‘thesis’ which has to be submitted before graduation. Well, that’s not the case here. A thesis statement is something that ties together some loosely linked ideas and gives the reader a robust idea about the potential essay or paper.

The most common place where anyone can find a thesis statement is an essay. There are numerous types of essays but an argumentative essay is a very important and significant type of academic writing.

The only takeaway that you should always remain in your memories from this blog is that an argumentative essay cannot function without a well-structured thesis statement.

An argumentative thesis statement generally follows a template or a clear formula. The template serves as an efficient starting point. Another way is that students can either write separate paragraphs, for instance, one paragraph in the support of an argumentative thesis statement and the next presenting the opposing claim for it. Or they can include two sides of a perspective in the same paragraph which will create an idealistic look.

For an argumentative essay, the following three elements and their details need to be considered in pursuit of developing a strong thesis statement. Before you delve into those elements, stop everything for a minute. Take a deep breath and restrain yourself from panicking. Everything in this world has a solution. If you are lagging behind your classmates and there are deadlines upon deadlines, just reach out to any essay writing service on the web. These services have professional and expert writers who can be of serious benefit to you. Just provide elaborate instructions and you will be amazed by the results.

Where were we?? Oh right, the three elements.

-Position of the thesis statement

The first thing which we will concern ourselves with is the position of the thesis statement. A strong thesis statement is always at the beginning of an argumentative essay. This has to be stressed upon because an argumentative thesis statement has to inform readers about the content of the paper and the perspective of the writer.

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The second important bit which increases or decreases the strength of a thesis statement is its length. Readers normally do not accept a whole paragraph for a thesis statement as it does not align with the average attention span. Therefore, according to the prevalent convention, an argumentative thesis statement should only be one sentence. However, that sentence may contain 2-3 clauses and should be impactful.

- Logic/Writer’s stance

Students normally tend to overlook this element, but this can either make it or break it for them. Firstly, the statement must have a logical basis. It should present a clear argument. Most importantly, the writer’s stance must be backed up with credible evidence and factual information.

Another thing to remember is that for writing a statement, it is imperative that the topic must fall into the category of defendable or arguable topics. It should exactly communicate what the essay writer wants to say and if this happens then, voila! The writer is ready to rock the world!

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