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No doubt writing an argumentative essay can be tough! It is because this type of essay is not just about stating the facts rather requires persuasive techniques as well. The approach to an A grade argumentative essay is that your topic and argument is contemporary while the content is well-researched. This type of essay can grab the interest of the audience easily.

  1. 1. Topic

    The topic selection for the argumentative essay is the key difference between a C grade and A grade argumentative essay. A grade argumentative essay cannot be grounded on a topic which is not debatable like child labor. In a C grade argumentative essay, you might find topics that are widely discussed and now are deemed as over-debated topics. But for an A grade paper, even if you are discussing a debated topic, you must use a unique lens or new aspect for your argument. The mistake which most students make and compose a C grade argumentative essay is that they choose an out-dated topic that has almost no effect anymore. Another way to improve your essay from C grade to A grade is by selecting a topic that is researchable. If I were to write my essay, I would choose a topic that addresses a current international issue. Also, try to select a topic that is manageable in the allotted word count.

  2. 2. Thesis

    The one common mistake which students make in an essay who deserves a C grade is that they do not include a clear thesis or any thesis at all. On the other hand, an A grade argumentative essay always includes an effective thesis statement that lays the foundation of an argumentative essay. You can read different articles online that provide essay help before starting your essay. The reader must know the position of the essay writer and the significance of that stance. Otherwise, the essay is just confusing.

  3. 3. Background Information

    A C-grade argumentative essay can be identified from the lack of background information on the topic. Students often do not realize the importance of including the background information. Even though your reader may have background knowledge or then the topic is simple, it is necessary that you provide concise information on the topic. So, an A grade argumentative essay always contains a relevant introduction for the readers to grasp the argument easily.

  4. 4. Research Work

    Research work is the major element of an argumentative essay. Many students believe that this essay only requires them to write an argument. But actually they are supposed to include implications from the research work who support their argument as well. So, a C grade argumentative essay contains only a little or no research work while the A-grade argumentative essay contains effective research. Also, there are credible sources used along with their citations.

  5. 5. Organization and Transitions

    Generally, transitions are significant to any kind of essay, but they are even more important in an argumentative essay. There is evidence and reasons involved in the essay to support your claims and the counter-arguments. Similarly, an A grade argumentative essay always contained suitable transitions. However, in a C grade argumentative essay, these traditions tend to be missing which creates confusion in the mind of a reader. You can organize the argumentative essay structure in more than one way depending on your essay topic. An A grade argumentative essay is organized in such a way that all reasons come together to explain the thesis and support the argument while also contradicting the opposing argument. The lack of organization of an essay shows that it is a C grade argumentative essay.

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