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Writing a thesis in no easy job. That’s because it is so hard to differentiate between good and bad thesis statements. And that causes a load of troubles.

That’s because most of the students don’t even know what an effective thesis statement is. Or which type of thesis statements are not effective. So, you scramble around, hoping that your thesis will be accepted.

Well, this won’t do. You can’t write a good statement without a little bit of help and I am here with that help for you.

I have compiled a few examples of good and bad thesis statements.

So, let us have a look at them.

Effective: Generally, men tend to earn more than women, which has caused a gender wage gap that must be narrowed down by employers.

Now, why is this an effective statement? That’s simple. This is a statement you can argue about.

An essay writer can agree or disagree with it.

It is not a fact that is absolute. No. You can present evidence and make logical arguments that will convince the reader that you are right.

The point here is that this statement is debatable and that makes it effective.

Ineffective: Solving the housing crisis is the job of the federal government.

Sure, this is also an arguable statement. You can talk about how this is the responsibility of the government but you have failed to mention how.

This statement is too broad and that makes it very vague.

Remember! A thesis should always be specific and to the point. It should tell the reader exactly what the essay is about.

A vague thesis will only leave the reader feeling confused. If you need help with writing a perfect thesis statement, consult an essay writing service now.

Effective: The ban on public smoking is discriminatory against the people who smoke.

Again, this one is not just arguable, it is also a statement. This thesis shows firmness and is very specific about what is in the paper.

There are no doubts expressed in the statement. If this statement had been written as a question then it would be ineffective.

But since it is a firm statement, that makes it effective or you can always ask others to write essay for me.

Ineffective: The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have been expensive.

Ok, so yes, it is true that these wars have been expensive. And that is exactly the problem with this statement.

This statement is not an arguable statement because it is a simple fact.

Not only is it a fact, but it is also some rather simple fact. There are no complexities in this statement that can be discussed in an essay.

The most you can do is give reference to some research that says the same.

Effective: It is important to install cameras in places with high traffic congestion.

Now, just because a statement is specific, that does not make it an effective thesis. Sometimes, a thesis needs to be a bit broad, such as this one.

If I said that we need to install a camera at the corner of a specific street on an avenue then that would be too specific.

In this case, we are arguing for the installation of cameras where they are needed.

Ineffective: Moviemakers do not care about making family-friendly films.

Ok, this is a super ineffective thesis. How so? Well, it is simply an exaggeration. It may be true that filmmakers don’t want to make a lot of family-friendly films but you can’t say that they don’t care for that genre at all.

Filmmakers make all types of films so this one is rather over the top. Not to mention, it sounds like a personal opinion.

But if you are in trouble…

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