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We are living in a fast-paced world. No one has time to read long research papers. Therefore, an executive summary is provided with research papers, business plans, and other kinds of research documents. It is the most important part of the document. Based on the executive summary, readers decide if they want to continue reading the paper or not. Therefore, you must know how to write an effective executive summary that will make your readers continue reading the whole research paper or you can also ask others to write my essay.

What is an executive summary?

Before getting to the basics of writing an executive summary, you should know what it is. An executive summary is an overview of the whole research paper. It includes all the important points of the research paper. After reading this, readers get an idea of what the research paper is about and what they can expect in it. You should also know that an executive summary is not an abstract or introduction of your research paper or report. It is a separate document.

As stated earlier, an executive summary is the most important part of your research paper. It is the face of your whole research. Therefore, if you have any doubts that you won’t be able to craft an engaging and effective summary, you should hire an essay writing service provider to help you out.

How to write an executive summary?

Here are some basic steps for you to write an executive summary for your research paper.

  • Open with a bang

    Other than giving an overview of the research paper, a major purpose of the summary is to grab the attention of the readers and attract them to read the whole research paper. To captivate the interest of the reader, you should open your summary with a bang. State a strong claim or a relevant quote.

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  • Write it at the end

    Some people make a mistake of writing essays or the executive summary of their research document before completing the document first. This is a terrible thing to do because while writing the research paper, you come across many new points that you had not planned to include in your paper. Your research paper would include many new things than those you had been planning to write. Therefore, you should write the summary after writing the whole document, to ensure that the summary has all the important points of your research.

  • Keep it short

    You are writing a summary to facilitate busy readers who do not have much time to read the whole research paper. Writing an unnecessary long summary would be counterproductive. The reader would start skimming a long summary. Therefore, you should condense it as much as possible, without missing any important point.

  • Read the document

    You might say that I already know what is in the document as I have written it myself. Well, many people buy professionally written research papers for money from various online essay writing services. Regardless, if you have written it yourself or bought it, you must read your paper several times before putting pen to paper.

  • Identify and separate the main points

    While reading the second time you should either underline or make notes of the important points of your research paper. You must include all those points in the executive summary of your research paper. If you fail to include all those points your executive summary would be incomplete and it would not be fully representing your research.

  • Combine all the main points

    In summary, you are not supposed to copy-paste the text of the research paper. Rather, you should write all the main points in your wording. The summary should never be more than ten percent of the original research paper. Providing an overview of your research paper, you should build a link between all the main points of your research paper. You should also mention major recommendations that might have emerged from your research.

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