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Do you want readers to keep reading your essay attentively? Of course, everybody wants that. You put too much hard work in writing essays, you would be devastated if someone told you that no one has completely read your essays. Today the word has become much faster, no one has time to read boring essays. They have so much interesting stuff to do instead. Therefore, if you want readers not to ignore your essays and give them due attention, you have to put in the due efforts in honing your online essay writing skills to make it interesting. Begin with writing an interesting hook statement.

What is an essay hook?

A hook is mostly the first or first few lines of your essay. The purpose of the hook is to captivate the attention of the readers and make them read the entire essay with that undivided attention. You can do that by making the reader curious by reading your hook statement. Every essay writing service has to master the skill of crafting hook statements for their essays.

Why is hook statement important?

It is the most crucial element of your essay. No one wants to read a dull and boring essay. I know many of you would say that what if we write a well-researched and outstanding essay. Well, no one would know that you have written an effective essay unless they read it. People always tell you to not judge a book by its cover but the reality is that readers judge your essay by the first few sentences. Therefore, if the first few sentences of your essay are dull and uninteresting. Most of the readers won’t read more than three lines and others would drop it after reading the introduction if you fail to grab their attention.

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Electrifying essay hooks

Every professional essay, be it a college essay or master’s essay, must have a hook statement. Here are some types of hook statements that you can use in your essays to captivate the attention of the readers:

  • Asking a question: It is a great way to hook the attention of the readers. This way readers who want to know the answer to that question would keep reading your essay because they know that you are going to answer it in your essay. However, you should only ask questions that are related to your essay. For an example of a question as a hook statement scroll up and look at how I started this article.

  • Making a strong claim: It is a great technique of capturing the attention of the people. When you make a strong claim people get curious. They read your whole essay to see how you are supporting your claim. If you have an essay on climate change you can make a strong claim like this “the survival of life on earth is in danger.”

  • Stating unbelievable facts: Providing some credible but hard to believe facts would hook the attention of the reader instantly. You should not exaggerate here but rather do some research to come up with some interesting facts and data. If you are writing on global warming you can state facts and data about the unprecedented rise in temperature of the world.

  • Sharing an anecdote: No one wants to read boring essays but everyone wants to read a story. Sharing an anecdote and not revealing the end of the story is a great way to make the readers curious to read your essay.

  • Opening with a quotation: Quotations always stick in our minds for some time. It is a great way to open an essay. But you should only use quotations that are relevant to your topic and are not widely known. If the reader already knows a quotation, he would assume that there will be nothing new in your essay. You can also ask others to write my essay at affordable rates.

  • Using metaphors: This makes readers think about the topic from a different perspective. As you link two seemingly unrelated things they want to know what is similar between the two. “Politicians and world leaders are vultures” could be a great hook statement.

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