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Is writing an essay difficult?

It is unbelievable when you have many online platforms available for your guidance. People, in fact, are more dependent on online surfing rather than penning their ideas by themselves.

Is this making sense?

Buying an essay is always an option. But it’s better to try it on your own first. Still, if you aren’t sure about yourself, then feel free to hire an essay writer to assist you with it. One will definitely fit your requirements, as they are after all writing experts. Moreover, you will be able to grasp some other tips that could be helpful for almost all of your writing purposes.

If you are thinking about a cause and effect assignment that has requirements entirely new to you, don’t you worry about it! This article is going to provide you with every concept that you need to write yourself a good cause and effect essay, alongside techniques and tips that are recognized by experts in the field. Firstly, let’s clear the basic meaning of this particular essay category.


It is the kind of paper in which the researcher chooses to examine the causes and consequences of an activity or event in detail. It is a form of practice that is generally included in a course to help students assess the outcome of some event or to grasp the reasoning behind incidents or behavior.

Just like in the surrounding universe, you could see the underlying causal relationships eventually you will face fewer difficulties in writing. If not, creating this sort of paper will provide you the opportunity to enhance your knowledge collection and the power of thinking in your mind.


  • Many cause - one effect

    For example, if it is about World War 1, you will definitely quote the political; cultural; and background aspects that led to the war.

  • One cause - many effects

    For example, poverty leads to different negative impacts in society - illiteracy, unemployment, ignorance, lack of basic necessities, etc

  • Series of causes and effects

    For example, COVID-19 has many causes as well as effects overall.


  • Introduction
    • Main idea
    • Thesis statement
  • Body paragraph
    • Each new concept in every paragraph
    • Main idea > evidence statement > supporting your stance > conclude it
  • Conclusion
    • Summarize your main thoughts
    • Reiterate your thesis statement
    • Never put new ideas here
    • If you want to recommend, do it here!

Tips from experts

  1. 1. Do’s
    • Please be aware of the vocabulary you are using. In this kind of essay, casual writing is not the right option, since these are scholarly pieces. However, be mindful that utilizing an abstract language and complex structures will make it challenging to read your article.
    • Present your original perspective on the topic, not really the ones belonging to a scholar. The easiest approach to do so is to familiarize yourself with all the various qualitative approaches and then use your analytical reasoning abilities to develop your own conclusions concerning the issues.
  2. 2. Don’ts
    • Don't expect that you can compose an outstanding essay even if you've never deeply researched the subject. Devote an entire time to actually read the works of scholars researching the topic before you. When you do that, the readers can think the article is quite well-researched and delivers in-depth knowledge
    • Let's not make the article contradictory. That can be expected from newcomers as well as graduate users. Beginners often don't learn enough to make the essay interesting and compelling. Whereas much more experienced students seek to compose a piece upon their own understanding (ideas, context, theory, or factual information) without engaging in research to understand opposing perspectives. Still, start making sure your essay is descriptive, concise, and coherent.

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