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Every teacher expects that their students will produce strong and masterful essays. But at times students are unaware of how to meet their teacher’s expectations. For this, they have to realize the importance of each of the essay parts that would fit together to form an amazing essay. Also, they are not aware of how different parts of the essay would help to defend the defined thesis statement.

A good introduction structure is always important when it comes to producing a strong argument. Hence, here you find guidelines on how to masterfully structuring and writing essays.

  1. 1. Unpack the main question

    Before one proceeds to write a topic sentence, he/she must have a clear thesis to link to. It means that you must uncover your question. This is the very first step an essay writer should take when structuring the essay’s introduction. As stated, you must have a thesis before an online essay writing a topic sentence. So, when you have a thesis in hand, then you could easily define the extent you agree with a statement. The statement may be a supporting one. In short, always unpack the question when going to structure the introduction of your essay.

  2. 2. Select and introduce the main themes

    You made the thesis statement! The next task to perform is here. After you made the thesis statement, proceed to explain themes that would be discussed. As well as explain how these themes would be approached. This section/part of the introduction is called the thematic framework.

  3. 3. Hook the reader

    The main role of an introduction is to hook the reader. Hence, you focus on the same objective and make efforts to hook your reader. The very first sentence of an essay introduction deposits the tone for the entire essay. Hence, take time and create a structure that hooks your reader. Make sure you avoid long and dense statements when structuring the introduction. Instead, start with something amazing, clear, catchy, and concise. Or ask someone to write my essay now.

  4. 4. Contextualize the main topic

    Structuring the introduction of an essay may not be too challenging if you know your topic well. You can contextualize your topic when you have a grip on it. In short, put all background information about your topic introduction part of your essay. But make sure that you kept everything concise, not descriptive.

    The main things to focus on here should be the main topic and argument of your essay. Focus on them because the reader always wants to understand these two things from your introduction.

  5. 5. Establish your position as well as the purpose

    You discussed the question, selected the thesis, and hooked the reader! Now, it is time to state your position and purpose. Simply, state what you focus on or what the aim of your essay is. Here you found your actual thesis statement which is the most important component of the whole essay.

    You must take critical care of this part when structuring the introduction of your essay. You should be careful about it because this is the part that sets the limits of the essay. It also lets your reader understand the aspect(s) of the topic you will be covering.

  6. 6. Check and revise

    You researched and wrote almost at one time. Hence, there is a possibility that your argument may change its direction as you seek and learn more. To make everything fine and perfect, it is very important to check and revise your introduction. In short, make sure you get back to your work (introduction) and check that everything is fine and perfect.

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