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If you are a student then you have probably heard a lot about rhetorical analysis. And if the word “rhetoric” is unfamiliar to you then you have no idea what a rhetorical analysis is.

And, hence, you are probably panicking right now. But don’t worry. A rhetorical analysis is not as hard as it sounds. Really.

All you need to know is the basic elements used in rhetorical analysis and you will be set to do an analysis of your own.

Truly, it's not that hard. And I am going to tell an essay writer all about the three main elements in a rhetorical analysis: ethos, pathos, and logos.

Number 1: Ethos

Credibility. That is what ethos is. Look, if a person is talking about a subject, then you won’t just believe him because he sounds believable.

Even if the person sounds knowledgeable, what are the chances that you can trust what they are saying? I mean, they could have just done a bit of light reading and are now fooling you.

Hell, they could be lying. There is no telling.

So, it is important that a person establishes their credibility when they are talking about any subject.

So, a person talking about marine biology should say that they have a degree in the subject. Or that they have published many papers on it.

If a person wants to talk about religion then they will only be believable if they are a priest.

So, ethos is establishing the credibility of an author.

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Number 2: Pathos

The use of emotion is what defines pathos. Pathos is a tricky subject to deal with. When you are writing an essay, you will need to appeal to the emotions of your audience.

Now, here it is very important that you know exactly who your target audience is. Otherwise, how will you know which emotions to appeal to?

Ok, so there are generic subjects in which common emotions can be used.

For example, if you are talking about gun violence then you can talk about how it affects the lives of people. How it can leave many with PTSD?

You can speak of how the families of the victims are affected by the tragedy. But sadness is only one emotion.

You can use other emotions like happiness or anger to bring your audience on your side and convince them that you are right.

Number 3: Logos

Logic. That’s it. That is what “logos” is. This is the easiest element of all three and it is also the one that is used most often. Especially in college essays. Why so? Well, because it is simple.

If you provide statistics from a survey then that counts as logos. If you use research papers then that is logos.

If you just use simple deductive reasoning then that is also logos. See? These are the things that are used by students the most.

Logos is not only easy to incorporate in an essay but also easy to spot.

So, all you have to do is look for numbers and figures and you will spot the logos used in any essay.

A bit of advice!

I am sure that this is all very overwhelming for you. It’s not easy to absorb all this information. If you are confused then you should look up for a rhetorical analysis essay example so that you can become familiar with how such an analysis is written.

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