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Imperative and exclamatory sentences are two of the main kinds of sentences with each serving their own function. The main difference between these two sentences is that exclamatory sentences exhibit intense emotions of a person regarding a certain entity. But on the other hand, imperative sentences are mostly used to issue commands and instructions.

Another difference between these types of sentences is in their punctuation. An exclamatory sentence usually uses an exclamation mark at the end but imperative sentences usually end up with a period. Similarly, imperative sentences can be formed as an interrogative sentence by adding a question mark at the end but that does not happen with exclamatory sentences.

Imperative sentences:

Imperative sentences are commonly used to give commands, advice, and instructions to someone. They are also used to make requests sometimes. Thus, they are known as directives.

How to punctuate them?

Imperative sentences mostly end up with a period but an exclamation mark can also be used to end this type of sentence. It depends upon the context in which the sentence is being used. For instance, if an essay writer is issuing a command to someone to perform a certain task, he has to use an exclamation mark.

Structure of an imperative sentence:

Imperative sentences usually contain verbs in their base forms. The subject if not clearly mentioned is inferred as “you”. Verb phrases cannot be used in these types of sentences as they mostly include a main verb and no helping verbs. However, if you are confused, ask others to write my paper at affordable rates.

How to identify imperative sentences:

Imperative sentences can be identified by recognizing their function which is giving an order, offering an invitation, and requesting somebody. Most of the time, their subject is implied as “you” that helps us to identify such sentences.

Punctuation marks (period and exclamation mark) are also used to recognize this type of sentence. Imperative sentences usually start with a verb that issues commands and instructions. This characteristic of imperative sentences is also used to identify them.


  • Shut the door!
  • Fetch me a glass of water.
  • Clean the house
  • Complete your assignment before Monday.

Exclamatory sentences:

Exclamatory sentences are used to express strong feelings and exuberant emotions of a person. These emotions can be of love, despair, rage, and surprise. You can use such sentences to show an immense range of emotions. These sentences are usually used in informal online essay writing and conversation for instance when talking to a friend.

These sentences are never used in formal and academic writing unless quoted. Exclamatory sentences are very similar to declarative sentences except for the fact that the declarative sentences are just mere statements without any strong emotions.

How to punctuate them?

In exclamatory sentences, an exclamation mark is used at the end of the sentence. Remember that you cannot use it in the middle of the sentence.

How to structure exclamatory sentences?

You can start with words like “what” and “how”. Most of them contain noun phrases (a group of words functioning as a noun in a sentence). They can be in any tense (past, present, or future).

How to identify exclamatory sentences?

The presence of exclamation marks can help you identify exclamatory sentences. You can recognize them by the function they serve in the writing or a conversation which is expressing strong emotion. Words like “how”, “so”, “such” and “what” at the start of the sentences are also used to recognize this type of sentence.


  • Such a cute cat!
  • How beautiful this painting is!
  • He is such a deceiver!
  • What a wonderful place this is!

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