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Are you at your wit’s end trying to write a perfect compare and contrast essay? If yes, then first you need to relax. Writing this kind of essay can be a confusing and boring task because keeping an appropriate balance between the contrast and similarities could be hectic. The good news is that writing a compare and contrast essay is not rocket science; you just need to learn the basic structure and the characteristics of the essay to start writing.

All you need to do is to put a little extra effort and time to learn the basic techniques on how to write a mind-blowing essay. No worries if you get stuck in the middle of the essay and you do not have an idea what to write next. To avoid this scenario, I will share easy and helpful guidelines and compare and contrast essay examples for an essay writer to make him understand how to make a start. Remember nothing is impossible so don’t be upset and anxious and just focus on the guidelines.

Easy Guide To Write a Compare and Contrast Essay

  1. 1. Choose your topic wisely

    Choosing an appropriate topic for you is a key step for the success of your essay. You have to skim through all the topics and then choose wisely according to your own interest. Do not go for boring and uninteresting topics. If you need more ideas, get help from a paper writing service now.

  2. 2. Outline

    Once you have chosen the topic now the next step is to draw an outline for your essay. I know many students skip this step assuming that this is unnecessary but this the most important one. You have to pen down the similarities and differences between your subject on a rough paper to have an idea about what you will write in the essay.

    In case you need help with developing a strong outline, ask an essay writing service to help you out.

  3. 3. Develop Arguments

    You have to establish strong arguments to defend your thesis statement. You have to add the arguments in the body paragraphs and each paragraph should have a unique and separate idea. The content of the essay should not be repetitive and redundant; it gives a bad impression to the readers. So add strong and authentic arguments through proper research.

  4. 4. Organize your Essay’s Structure

    A properly organized essay is effective and persuasive as compared to the unorganized essay. First of all, explain the subject of your essay in your introductory paragraph. Write a thesis statement at the end of the introduction. Then add similarities and differences in the body paragraph to defend your thesis statement. There should be at least three body paragraphs. The conclusion should wrap up the entire essay.


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Writing a compare and contrast essay is not always a piece of cake; it needs a lot of practice to write a perfect essay. If you are not sure about your writing skills you can always take help from the best essay writing services and purchase a model paper on your prompt to know how to write a good one on your own. There are many writing companies available online that claim to provide you with the highest quality content. What you gotta do is search for an authentic and trustworthy website to place your first order.

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