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Narrative Essay is the genre of essay in which the author tells his life experience to provide a specific message to the audience. It is one of the simplest types of essays just like storytelling.

The writer writes his life event in a persuasive way that increases the interest of the readers and they learn something from the story. Start of the narrative essay is crucial because if readers don't get engaged in your essay they will not read it completely. Therefore, the start should be eye-catching so that readers can’t ignore your work.

A good hook is the opening sentences that grab the audience and explain the intention of the writer. The following are some of the hook examples for your narrative essay.

Use Quotes

One of the commonly used hooks is the use of quotes. A custom essay writer can use quotes from the literature or the words of a famous person. To use a quote, the writer needs to select lines from the book or person’s talk. These sentences are added at the start of the narrative essay under quotation marks. For example,

  • I was afraid and helpless at that time because I was unable to change the situation. Suddenly, my heart gave me strength and I got to understand, “we cannot decide about our birth and death but we can decide how to live between them,” and from there my journey started.

Use Question

Question is one of the best ways to stop the audience and make them think and read your content. Various narrative essay examples show that readers love to find the answer to the question asked at the start of the essay. They often have their own thoughts after reading the content. Therefore, you are highly recommended to use questions as a hook. For example,

  • He claimed that my will power cannot change anything but how could it possible? Could you leave your destiny even before starting a struggle for it? Just because someone thinks in that way. How could I even listen to others rather than my own passion and choice?
  • You have to win. You all heard this sentence in your life showing hope, belief, or demand. What can you do to fulfill it? Did the journey was tough or did you achieve it with ease? How did it feel to even think about failing?

Use Strong Statement

The next hook that you can use is the shocking statement. A statement that can create suspense or curiosity within readers. However, make sure that you relate your essay with your statement. Examples of using statement are,

  • You think you can achieve anything in your life but sometimes even your hard work or passion does not work.
  • Freedom is just a term and it has nothing to do with reality. You are living in this real world with multiple unrealistic claims and thoughts.
  • Past experiences change your thoughts and actions. The reasons for today's personality are hidden in your past.

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Use Facts

Some readers like to talk about facts so why not use them as a hook. You can start your essay with some interesting facts that can get the attention of the readers. However, you have to make sure that fact is actually a fact and not a myth. Examples of using facts are:

  • The human body replaces its cells within a time span of almost seven-year. It means I will not be the same person after a decade.
  • In space, you can fly at a speed of 67000 mph. I felt that flying not in space but on this earth at a certain point in my life.

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