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Developing a thesis is bad enough. But your professors expect you to develop a strong one. They will give you a long list of instructions that you will have to follow to write an essay and that includes a strong thesis.

Oh well, all you need to know is how you can write a strong thesis, and then your problems will be solved.

So, I am gonna tell you exactly how it is that you can write a strong thesis. Also, I will be giving you some thesis statement examples so that an essay writer can tell which type of statement is a strong one.

Sounds good? Let’s get going.

Rule 1: Make it Specific

And when I say specific, I mean it. For your thesis to be specific, you will need to choose a broad topic. Then you will pick up an issue from the topic and focus on it.

You will need to have supporting arguments to help you along the way.

Example: High rates in the consumption of lead to adverse side effects like heart diseases, liver complications, and weight gain.

Rule 2: Make it Clear

What I mean is that the wording and purpose of your thesis should be very clear to your audience.

For this, try to avoid using complicated words or sentences. I know you are writing a formal academic paper but that does not mean that you have to make it more complex than it has to be.

Example: Reading is good for children as it helps them with their vocabulary, comprehension skills, and analytical development.

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Rule 3: State Which Side You are On

Ok, this is very important. You need to tell your reader what exactly it is that you are arguing for.

If your topic is the internet then you need to tell the reader whether you are for the internet or against it.

Example: The internet has helped the people connect across the world, forge new connections, and has enabled the exchange of ideas.

Rule 4: Keep it Original

Look, this rule is really simple. If you choose a generic topic then your readers will get bored.

At all costs, avoid topics that are too common like capital punishment, gun control, or abortion.

Be creative and think of something new. Or you can always ask others to write essay for me.

Example: Consumers should learn to evaluate claims based on statistics as it is the job of the advertisers to manipulate data.

Rule 5: Your Claim Should Be Debatable

This is the number one problem because of which a thesis gets rejected: the thesis is not arguable.

If you make a thesis out a fact, then it won’t be arguable. Why? Because it is already a fact. There is no debating on it.

So, choose issues that are controversial.

Example: Genetic engineering should not be made for human embryos as there are various safety and ethical concerns linked to the phenomenon.

Rule 6: Your Claim Should Matter

This is what we call the “So What?” question. And this is the question that you should think of answering.

You have written a paper on an issue, but why does it matter? Why exactly is this issue important? This should be addressed by you in your thesis.

Example: Kidney donors should be compensated for life as they go through rather gruesome procedures that affect them for their entire life.

Well, here it is.

These are just a few examples of some strong thesis statements that might help you.

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