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Bidding farewells to others is sad and difficult but when it's your farewell and you have to prepare a speech it is rather more difficult. Worrying about writing an emotional yet unforgettable speech at your farewell party, or to your office colleagues or at high school? Well, you obviously want to leave a good impression while leaving so that people will remember you in good words.

I know public speaking is an art and some people are born with it. I truly believe that public speaking art can be learned through continued practice and effort.

Let me share a few useful tips for an essay writer to leave a great impression on his boss and co-workers

So, let’s get started

Tips For Writing Speech

  1. 1. Begin your speech with a catchy sentence

    Start your speech with a catchy line or phrase that will catch the attention of the audience. You can make a start by being emotional or being witty. Both ways can work because the first line of the speech will grab the attention of the audiences. Thus, be careful while making a start.

  2. 2. Don’t make it too emotional or sad

    I know it is your farewell. You are already emotional but you don’t wanna cry nor make the crowd emotional. Your farewell speech should contain a healthy combination of emotions, wit and gratitude. You can remind your colleagues or class fellows of some memorable times spent together. Good and bad times. You can use your humor in an appropriate way to remind the audience of the times spent together.

  3. 3. Tell a short story

    You can share your story with your office colleagues that may have never heard before from your life. You can mention your first day and your very first impression of your classmates or your colleagues and boss and how it changed till the last day. You can share your experience in a short story, a flashback that will cover all the major and significant events that occurred in your life. You need to ensure that you don’t say anything negative and offensive about any individual. Try to be as optimistic and affirmative as you could.

  4. 4. Show gratitude

    Show gratitude towards your colleagues and thank them for helping you out doing your job better. You can mention when you required help and they were there for you. Be thankful for having such a great time with your colleagues. Mention that about your professional learning and growth and how working in your organization helped you grow professionally and personally.

  5. 5. Keep it short and sweet

    You should keep it short and avoid repeating one point again and again. Repetitive content can make audiences lose interest in your speech. You should use informal language and gestures to refer to them. Your speech should be engaging and interactive.

  6. 6. Say prayers and wish everyone good luck

    This is the last part of the speech where you have to conclude your speech. In the end, you should thank everyone for being so kind and helpful towards you and wish them the best of luck. Tell them that you will always remember them and stay in touch because this was the best team you worked with.

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