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Are you an overachieving type-A nerd? If yes, then you must enjoy writing summaries for fun. However, if you are an average student then summary writing must be a daunting task for you. Moreover, if you are a nerd and are asked to write a summary of a book that clashes with your interest you will also feel frustrated.

Let’s just face it, writing a summary is not easy as it may seem. In fact, it is indeed a hard nut to crack especially when you’ll be graded upon it. Will you let the chance of getting good grades slip away just because you are not familiar with how to write a summary of a book? Of course not. This guide will help an essay writer out and will show him the simplest way to crank out a crisp summary and that so at warp speed.

Before we jump right into the tips lets peak at a definition of a summary. A summary recap all the main ideas of the text without including your perspective. Summarizing a text helps you solidify what you have learned after reading a book.

Since now you must be familiar with what a summary is. So without waiting further let’s move towards the tips to craft an effective book summary so that you can kick start your writing process.


Writing is an art and therefore, mindset is important. After being assigned a task to write a summary all you need to do is to stay calm and read the professor’s instructions. Once you understand what your professor wants it will become easy for you to craft an effective summary.

Define your audience

Imagine being a college student and required to read a book of a toddler. How will you feel? Of course, it will distress you since your academic level is different. Therefore, before you start writing make sure that you are familiar with the audience level. If you are writing a summary for yourself then you won’t have to worry about formatting rules etc. However, if your audience is academic, you need to make sure that your summary is free of grammatical errors and is properly formatted.

Start researching

Before you start reading the book you must research the book’s author. While you’ll be reading you may find a few things that are not matching the context. But when you are familiar with the author’s motivation and his state of mind while he/she wrote the book you will be able to understand the book better.

Start reading

This is the most crucial part. You need to read the book and analyze it. You are required to identify major themes and evaluate the settings, imagery, and tone.

Remember! Don’t blaze through the pages fast, rather take your time and read each page carefully.

Take notes

While you’ll be reading the book you may come across many important points that must be added in your summary. Therefore, don’t solely rely on the power of your memory. Rather jot down important points while also highlighting anything that you feel can be used in your summary.

Craft first draft

At this point, you may start crafting your first draft. Make sure that you start your summary with a brief background and then list all the characters, conflicts, climax, themes, etc. The purpose of the summary is to let the readers know what the book is all about rather than knowing your opinion. Therefore, refrain from giving your opinions.

Proofread and edit

The main purpose of creating the first draft is that you have a chance to modify it and make it error-free. You need to read out loud and then make the required editing. If you have missed any point you can add it and if you find any irrelevant content, you can also remove it to craft an effective summary.

Still, worried? If you are not sure that you can craft a summary, then you need a lot of practice to nail the art of writing. However, if you are short of time your best shot is to hire a professional essay writing service who can craft a summary for you in no time.

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