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Do you find it the most difficult task to be able to persuade people? If yes, then it must trouble an essay writer to write a persuasive essay or a speech. It is not rocket science though you just have to understand a few techniques that are useful to convince people to believe you.

Just like the rest of the academic essays and papers you need to follow a proper structure to write a speech that could persuade the masses. There is nothing to worry about because nothing is impossible to learn. You master the art of writing by practicing and I will make it a lot easier for you by sharing guidelines and a proper structure of a persuasive speech. It is important to learn a few essential techniques to convince people because it is mandatory to make people believe in your and your stance.

Guideline to Writing a Persuasive-type Speech

  1. 1. Opening sentence

    The opening sentence should get the attention of the audience. It should be catchy enough to grab the attention of everyone. You have to open your speech with a phrase or a line that will be relatable with the topic that you are going to present later in the speech. If the audience does not like the opening of the speech they might not be interested in the speech. Similarly, if the opening of the speech is boring and too formal the audience will lose interest.

  2. 2. Thesis Statement

    The thesis statement is the gist of your speech. You have to place your thesis statement appropriately and discuss the purpose of delivering the speech. You need to put emphasis on your subject rather than beating around the bush. You should define the topic in detail so that the audience understands the main purpose of the speech.

  3. 3. Interactive

    You can use your gesture and informal language to keep the audiences engaged with you. You should make your speech interactive and engaging that people don’t find it relatable. You have to ask for people’s opinions and encourage them to participate. You can directly refer to them and it will establish a connection with the audience.

  4. 4. Support your argument

    After stating your thesis statement you should provide evidence to support your point to make your speech convincing. You should not only state your opinion and impose it on people but rather explain it with logic and reason to make people believe in you. You can use a very light and affirmative tone and provide facts and figures to support your reasoning.

  5. 5. Example

    You should give examples from your life and relate it to the topic. The examples should be realistic and relatable to common people. Using them can help you strengthen your point and make your speech persuasive. You can tell a short story of a famous and successful story that would be relevant and it could make your speech influential.

  6. 6. Conclusion

    This part is very important because you have to restate your thesis statement to wrap up your speech. You have to make sure that your speech is credible and convincing enough for the audience to believe in your point. You have to thank each and everyone for supporting you and giving you an opportunity to deliver a speech.

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