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You have to admit, often an open playing field becomes the reason for the players’ fall. Your professor has given you the freedom to do anything that you want with your academic essay but the thing is that you just don’t know what to write! This is quite normal.

Brain drain?

It is OK to be out of ideas. An analytical essay just needs the kind of topic that has a lot to offer in terms of a detailed, logical, and cohesive analysis. To analyze a topic, you have to go deep into its recesses and offer insights like you are a pro at the subject matter. Make sure that a custom essay writer chooses the kind of topic that can yield that treasure-trove of insight.

The other important thing that you need to consider is the nature of the topic. It can be related to literature, psychology, sociology, culture, artificial intelligence, evolution, and literally everything and anything under the sun. You have to choose something that makes sense to you.

The Choices that we make…

Remember, you are going to have to study the subject matter at length. So you are the one who has to be interested in it. If you are more interested in cultural exchange and less interested in the pitfalls of advancements in robotics, it would be smart to go with what makes you feel comfortable.

Don’t aim to impress by the difficulty level…

Don’t try to find an impressive topic. Find the right topic and you will make it impressive. Or you can ask others to write my essay online.

Choose your topic according to the course for which you are writing and the goals of the project itself. Be smart. Again, don’t go for difficult and complicated. You can take a fairly simple area of interest and turn it into something deep and thought-provoking.

List of Ideas to Stimulate your Mind

If you are chronically out of ideas, here are some to inspire you! You do not have to choose the exact ones. Be creative. Read through the list of these generic analytical essay topics and come up with one that sings out to you!

  • Analyze a work of literature
  • Analyze the main thesis of a work of literature
  • Analyze the historical relevance of a work of literature
  • Analyze a character from a Work of Literature
  • Analyze the relationship between two characters in a work of literature
  • Analyze the rhetoric of a work of literature
  • Analyze the rhetoric of a speech
  • Analyze a research article
  • Analyze the methodology of a research article
  • Analyze the implications of a research article
  • Analyze a theoretical perspective
  • Analyze the historical relevance of a theoretical perspective
  • Analyze a social phenomenon
  • Analyze a cultural phenomenon
  • Analyze a phenomenon from any of the sciences
  • Analyze the reasons for the existence of a phenomenon
  • Analyze the relationship between two phenomena
  • Analyze a policy
  • Analyze a legal code
  • Analyze the historical background of a policy or a legal code
  • Analyze a source of information
  • Analyze the authenticity of a source of information
  • Analyze a social issue
  • Analyze a social movement
  • Analyze a social reform

Now, to be more specific, here are some particular examples of the generic topics discussed above.

  • Analyze the play “Hamlet”
  • Analyze the character of Hamlet
  • Analyze the relationship between Hamlet and his mother
  • Analyze the main thesis of the play
  • Analyze the historical context of Hamlet
  • Perform a rhetorical analysis of the play “Hamlet”
  • Perform a rhetorical analysis of President Obama’s victory speech
  • Analyze the article, “The Determinants of Self-Actualization in a Therapeutic Setting”
  • Analyze the Methodology of the aforementioned article
  • Analyze the Implications that this article can have for real life and future research
  • Critically Analyze the theoretical perspective of Carl Rogers
  • Analyze the historical context of this theory
  • Analyze the Bystander Effect
  • Analyze some folkways and mores of your society
  • Analyze the causes of racism
  • Analyze the relationship between racism and paranoia
  • Analyze Obamacare
  • Analyze the US Penal Code as it Pertains to Incarceration
  • Analyze the role of social media in building national narratives
  • Analyze the authenticity of the information shared on social media
  • Analyze the issue of domestic abuse
  • Analyze the Civil Rights Movement in light of the basic human rights
  • Analyze the prison reforms in Norway

Make sure to cater to any prompts by your professor. Feel free to narrow the topic down or make it vast as per the requirements of the essay and the word limit.

Maybe not today?

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