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Anyone who has ever gone through the process of writing an essay would know that it is majorly an expression of an individual’s own sense of understanding about a specific subject matter or any topic. Following this line of approach, quoting passages from other sources defeats the purpose of self-expression. But at the same time, adding direct or indirect quotations can show the readers that the writer is well-acquainted with the literature on the topic. If you need help with selecting a good topic, just pay for essay and get it done.

Direct or indirect quotations can be added to any essay if one of the following conditions is being fulfilled.

  • The language or tone of a direct or indirect quote is poignant and memorable.
  • The writer strives to argue with another perspective on the issue, thus, use the quotation.
  • The passage of direct or indirect quotation needs to be explored and analyzed further. This condition especially needs to be fulfilled in the case of a custom essay.
  • The support of another authority can be used to add credibility to the writer’s opinion. Of course, the support would come through a quotation.

But, here’s an important question that needs to be dealt with first…

What is the difference between direct and indirect quotations?

Direct quotations

Direct quotations imply that the exact wording must be copied from the original text and the author must be referred to. The citation rules vary with every other format.

Indirect quotations


This implies that the original text is summarized or paraphrased into the own words of an author. The original text can be shortened but again it has to be ensured that the author and publication must be referenced.

Benefits of adding direct and indirect quotations to a college essay

In essays and speeches, quotations are always beneficial. The statements of any writer are provided with credibility by the use of quotations. Readers get an impression that the writer is fully immersed in the process of writing through an elaborate research method. If direct quotes are added, the readers can fully get the idea about any specific character or observation. Direct quotations can also add variety to the writing style of college students and can lead them to read more. Employment of indirect quotes to any writing can help the readers to understand the basic premise of the essay. It can also help to pace the action of the subject matter more smoothly.

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When to use direct quotations?

Preferably, these should be added in the middle of the essay paragraphs. Quotation marks must be used at the beginning and end of the quote. The key is to maintain a logical sense. Writers must ensure that the quote does not stand out from the rest of the passage and conveys a unique sense which is harmonious with the thesis statement or the basic premise of the essay. Writers should also be familiar with the technique of weaving which can give them a fuller control over their own argument. The technique of weaving implies that the quotes of other writers and publications must be in alignment with the essay’s own prose.

When to use indirect quotations?

It is advisable to switch to indirect quotations whenever a writer feels that the essay is heavy on direct quotes or speech. Indirect quotations do not overshadow or overlook the writer’s own argument. Instead, these tend to strengthen the writer’s perspective. Unlike direct quotations, basic punctuation would do for introducing indirect quotations in the essay. The integrity of the writer or speaker is also maintained without halting the essay or passage for a more formal tone, as is the case of direct quotes.

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