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For students’ ease academics have divided speeches into different types and each deals with the different subject matter. An essay writer can also draw comparisons of speeches with the types of essays. The division helps us to complete an assignment with the hope you would get good grades. For example, if you are writing an essay then you should know which type would better cover your topic.

If you want to highlight the importance of an issue; then you would write a persuasive essay. In the same way, if you want to define a particular situation you will write a narrative essay. One thing is important to note that the format of all types of essays is the same but slightly different when it comes to writing body paragraphs.

In the same way, when it comes to writing a speech there are different types followed by sab-categories. When you are assigned to write a speech then you should narrow it down because there are three types of persuasive speeches and you can follow one of them. In this post, I will try to cover two popular types and how to write each type by specifying their purpose or you can always ask others to write essay for me.

Purpose of factual persuasive speech

· The purpose to deliver this speech is to know whether a particular topic is true or fake. Remember that you should have concrete evidence to support your claim otherwise you cannot accomplish your purpose.

· It also persuades the audience whether a particular event happened or not. The perfect example in this context is moon landing. No one can negate it as the incident was widely reported throughout the world. You can support your claim by giving evidence as Neil Armstrong landed on the moon in 1969.

· The purpose of this speech is to convey the reality of an event. For example, when Iraq was possessing chemical weapons in 2002 then the American President Bush persuaded the United Nations to take immediate action. He presented concrete evidence then took aggressive measures to refrain Iraq from misusing them.

Purpose of value persuasive speech

· It means to highlight the validity of the issue of whether a particular issue is right or wrong to discuss. In this case, you can also incorporate the factor of morality and ethics. For example, in your speech, you can discuss the morality of capital punishment or ethics of abortion.

· Its purpose is to highlight an extremely important issue and how it can be discussed from a different dimension.

· In this speech, you can highlight the issue of gender inequality and why it is important to resolve it. There are many prevailing issues within the gender you should pick one.

· Try to write a speech on a particular issue for example do not discuss gender in general. You can pick an issue within gender like unequal wages, gays rights, legalization of gay marriage, right of abortion, and change of gender.

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Structure of each speech

· The structure of writing each speech is the same. Just try to cover all aspects of a topic otherwise you would not be able to convince your audience. The best way to do it is to follow a proper format for example your speech structure should look like this.

  • Introduction: Generally discuss the topic and highlight your point at the end you can also call it a thesis statement.
  • Body: There is no restriction on the number of paragraphs just write enough in order to prove your point.
  • Conclusion: It is the last paragraph of your speech, reinstates your thesis statement, and summarizes all points which you have made in your speech.

These were some simple steps to write a good speech. If you think you cannot handle it then do not worry as you can always hire a professional essay writing service. These services have professional academic writers who would write a well-researched speech for you. I am sure if you hire them, you would be amazed by the quality and content of your speech.

Good luck with your speech.

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