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At least once during college, you will be asked to write a narrative essay. This type of essay demands an essay writer to write his own personal experience in a creative way. Let’s see some of the rules which can make your narrative essay interesting for sure. Also, all these rules are failproof as they have been tried and tested over the years.

  1. 1. Prepare well

    The basic rule for writing an impressive narrative essay is that you prepare well before starting it. You should be aware of the kind of essay, given topic, and relevant information that goes into it. In most cases, the teacher suggests a topic, and students are required to write their relevant experience on it. Due to unique experiences, the essays turn out to be unique as well. It is necessary that you always stay relevant to the topic. To prepare you don't need any outside sources because the essay will be based on your own experience. Still, you can go through other similar essays to get an idea. After you have made up your mind on what to write, compose an outline containing the main key points of the introduction, beginning, story, and conclusion.

  2. 2. Writing in first-person

    Now you would feel that this is an obvious requirement as this is a narrative essay. Let me tell you sometimes students forget to write in the first person while mentioning the details. They start to describe a situation that appears to be from someone else's perspective. For this reason, you must use the statements which explain what you saw, felt, and did.

  3. 3. Describe in detail

    You must write in such a way that when anyone reads the essay they feel the same way as you did. Highlight all the details which played a significant role in the event and describe all the characters who were involved in the story. Background information that's the attitude of the reader towards the characters as well as the event. Search for narrative essay examples and analyze different writing styles. It takes some time and practice to develop a unique quality writer style. You can also include elements of suspense thriller and sites if it seems suitable for your story. This grabs the attention of the reader and in this way, they will be more excited to read the rest of the essay. You can also include a twist or a funny joke to delight your audience.

  4. 4. Edit diligently

    After you have composed the essay now is the time to review it. You can edit the essay more than once until you are satisfied with it. One of the common mistakes is that students start searching for mistakes immediately after finishing the essay. They are not able to find the mistakes. For this reason, you should take some rest and then take a fresh look at your essay. While editing, change the complicated sentence into simple ones. You should also paraphrase sentences that seem wordy. If all the format requirements are fulfilled, pay attention to the structure of your essay, and make sure it is easy to comprehend for the reader.

  5. 5. Proofread

    The final step of this essay is to proofread. A writer should never underestimate the significance of proofreading. No matter how good your essay is or how exciting your experience was if you can not present it well, it is of no use. Most of the mistakes are removed through editing. So when proofreading check for any grammatical or punctuation mistakes. You can also ask a professional essay writing service at reasonable rates.

You can use these steps to secure A grade easily or if you are interested in publishing your essay in any magazine.

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