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Writing an essay assignment in any academic discipline is as important as doing a professional degree. You might have heard that XYZ students got poor grades because they could not write a good essay. One thing is important to note that, there is a huge difference between simply writing an essay and writing an extraordinary essay. In one case you would barely qualify for your academic degree while the other would ensure you a bright future.

A well-written essay means you have to follow all the basic principles. Format and citations are two basic principles that you have to follow in every essay. Academics have given many styles of citations and each requires a different technique to use. The citation styles may include ASA, Chicago Manual, Turabian, MLA, APA, Harvard, Vancouver, ACS, and AMA.

These are famous citations that students follow from all disciplines. A medical student would prefer to follow AMA citation rather than any other. In short, you can say that your academic essay is not complete without citations. In this post, I will highlight techniques of APA vs MLA comparing them together to see how you can get the essay help to incorporate each in your essay.

Modern Language Association (MLA)

  • Margins: Your margins from all four sides should be one inch. When you are printing your essay make sure your text does not exceed the paper margin.
  • Text formatting: The official text font is Times News Roman unless directed otherwise with twelve-point size. Do not justify your text between the margins as it is not required. Your paper should be double spaced with the indent first line of each paragraph.
  • Title and heading: You should start your first page from writing your name, instructor's name, subject name, or serial number, and date. Make sure to mention all these points on four lines and the top left corner. Do not capitalize your words or any other form of formatting.
  • Page numbers and running head: Your page number should appear in the upper right corner with a half-inch margin from the top. Along with page number write your second name and do not use an abbreviation or any other form of punctuation.
  • Placement of each citation: Make sure that you follow the same sequence for citation on the works cited page. For example, if you are quoting a journal article you will cite like this:
    • Write the author's last name first, then first name, the middle name followed by a comma, "Title of a journal article." Name of Journal in Italic, volume number, date of publishing, institution name, and Doi or pdf link.

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American Psychological Association or APA

  • Title page: In this citation, you will start writing your essay from the second page because the first page would be the title page. You will write your topic, author's name, institution affiliation, course number, and instructor name. You can also write an author note followed by a date. Remember that all details would come in the middle of the page rather than at the top.
  • For each citation like a book, journal article, newspaper article, and webpage the method of citation would vary. Try not to mix two citations, for example, if you want to cite a book you will use this format:
    • The second name of the author, the first name of the author, year of publishing, book title in italic, city name where the book was published and publisher at the end.

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You can observe that each type of citation requires a unique method to follow; especially when it comes to the reference page. If you are following the APA citation method, you simply cannot incorporate any MLA citation. Nevertheless, if you think it is too much for you to handle then just hire a professional online e service. They would create your citation page for you free of cost. All you have to do is just pay for essay and get it done at affordable rates.

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