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Arguments are based around the concept where various parties try to prove their point of view as correct. Writing and argumentation within it are some of the essential traits of academics. You would be faced with so many examples where you would have to take a stand to prove that what you say has the essential worth to be deemed as correct. But beware as incorporating fallacies within the text would leave the field wide open for others to pounce upon as in the case of students it is the teacher who may deduct grades.

Fallacies to Stay Away From

First, remember that hastiness could easily lead to wrong argumentation. Hasty generalization is a common phenomenon where a person might not delve deep and immediately move towards the conclusion. Batman V Superman is the prime example as both superheroes made wrong generalizations about the other. If you are not a comic book fan, skip the line and read on.

Do not try to use any other means besides proper examples and proofs as a foundation to prove your side. Do not try to appeal to pity which would ultimately deem your argumentation as false and lose the energy behind it. It is also known as Ad Misericordiam.

There are times when something might not have been proven through experiments. It does not mean that anything can be assumed by it. Appealing to ignorance is a major problem and could easily be approached by anyone with little knowledge. When writing an argumentative essay, try to back every detail with proper proofs. If you are unsure about the relevance of any topic, a professional essay writing service holds the key to help you.

Arguments should allow certain unique characteristics to be presented in front of the audience. That is why proper arguments tend to change the mindset of others. Jumping on the bandwagon is the last thing you want to do. Just because people believe something does not mean you have to follow the same route. Perform your research first and then decide.

Arguments are never simple. That is why there is a tendency to debate complex issues and whether these hold any truth or not. Stay from the fallacy of oversimplification because complex problems cannot be turned simple through the use of exaggerated grammar. There might be many links attached in the whole situation so take care and tackle each one. Thanos eliminated half the universe because he hated people. Yeah right!

Red Herring is a fallacy that takes away all the concentration from the major argument and towards something totally off-topic. A viable strategy if you are losing but not so much when you are being graded on an essay. An essay writer should avoid doing this to make a strong argument. Try to keep your focus on the main topic and then proceed.

There is absolutely no difference to what you are saying if you just say the same thing repeatedly using different terms. Begging the question is just that fallacy which allows a person to try to build a strong foundation by merely changing the way he says something. Your teachers definitely would not appreciate this and may grade you zero for trying to outsmart them. Always remember, the teacher knows best. So try to find actual reasoning that would tilt the balance in your favor. It is a matter of quality, not quantity.

As you can see, there are a lot of ways you could go wrong. Try to keep a safe distance from fallacies and have that “A” grade in your mind.

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