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You might have heard many motivational speeches in your high school and college final year. Your teachers motivate you to do a certain act but most of the time it is related to your success. They know that an essay writer can achieve so much only if you are motivated. You can cover almost any topic in a motivational speech because you have to persuade your listener and it could be anything. Your purpose of speech is well achieved when the listener acts accordingly whether it is taking admission to a university or applying for a scholarship.

Now you have a basic idea about this type of speech; the important point is how to write a good speech for that purpose you have to be certain about your topic. For example, if the professor asked you to write a motivational speech for getting good grades. In this case, your topic would be "good grades ensure a bright future.” In your speech, you will give different arguments defending your position. For your ease I am writing down some motivational speech topics you can follow if your professor does not assign you a topic or you can always ask others to write essay for me.

Topics for motivational speeches

  1. Human most developed hence ungrateful creature
  2. Getting the mastery of positive thinking
  3. Modern society and the role of the church
  4. False information on internet a perspective
  5. How can we avert natural tragedies?
  6. Self-sustaining colonies on Mars a myth
  7. Curiosity Rover and mysteries of Martian Planet
  8. How would Hyperloop change the definition of transportation?
  9. Revolution in artificial intelligence and the ever-increasing role of machine learning
  10. Importance of education beyond professional attainment
  11. Schools uniform: A universal binding force
  12. Potential benefits of homework for students
  13. A growing percentage of asthma among kids, a cause of concern
  14. Self-control and role of basic meditation
  15. How can we reform the world by meditation?
  16. Saving the world
  17. Dear Mom, please listen to my thoughts
  18. The world in the year 2100
  19. Is it OK for women to stop crying?
  20. Gender role vs. gender requirement
  21. Do women in combat operations weaken the armed forces?
  22. Women should not force to change their names after marriage
  23. Surrogacy the question on the role of gender
  24. All nuclear powers should abandoned programs
  25. The rising phenomenon of same-sex marriages
  26. Should gay parents be allowed to adopt kids
  27. Multinational companies should pay higher taxes
  28. Animals should be banned in the cosmetic industry
  29. Separation of the church from state/politics
  30. Due to the internet, people are not communicating with each other.
  31. Do smoking help to make acquaintances?
  32. Can conflicts be resolved through humor?
  33. Birth control pills and their availability to teenage girls
  34. Role of empathy in an individual’s life
  35. Medical science should use Placebo treatment

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Examples of motivational speeches

· Try to remember that moment when you were just a kid and depended on your parents to feed you, to take care of you, and to change your clothes. Do not forget any single moment in which your parents worked hard so that they can provide you a better life standard. They supported your finances and provided you every opportunity so that you can graduate from high school. Do not let their efforts go in vain and set your goals to become a successful person in life.

· The use of drugs would not bring you anything good rather it would make your life miserable. If you do not stop consuming drugs it would eat you alive from inside and you would not be able to do anything about it unless it would be too late. Studies show that only in the United States 480,000 people die every year only because of smoking. The other types of drugs have devastating results on human health; it is in your benefit to stop consuming drugs.

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