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Academics have divided essays into different categories and each deals with different subject matters. Writing an argumentative custom essay means that you would have to choose one side and compare it with others. In the process, you would only justify your point of view by telling the reader why it is better, in the conclusion. In the same way, persuasive essays have a different purpose where you have to persuade people about a particular subject matter. Concerning a narrative essay it revolves around a central point by narrating a particular situation. A situation can be based on a character, incident, or happenings.

This essay is usually based on five paragraphs narrating a particular situation. In this article, I will try to cover the purpose, ideas, and potential topics for the essay. I am sure after reading this post, writing an essay would not seem as difficult. Just make sure to follow all the conventions of essay writing to go along with that

Often, coursebooks do not help enough while writing an essay. To some extent, you are right because they are often difficult to understand. As an alternate option, you can hire an academic cheap essay writing service to help you with your college assignment. It will save you a lot of time and you will get a perfectly written essay within a couple of hours


The prime purpose of narration is to describe a situation. It does not require a higher level of understanding about an event, like an argumentative essay, and that is why it is easy for students to write this essay. It works as a ladder that enables students to write good essays in the future. Practicing how to narrate a series of events in an interesting manner that captures the audience’s attention, is an essential skill you need to progress further in other forms of writing.

Ideas to write an essay

Whenever you want to write an essay and your professor has not given you a topic, it means you have to choose one by yourself. Choosing a topic can be difficult because if you end up choosing the wrong one then you would probably end up wasting your efforts. There are slight chances that you lose interest altogether; that is why there is always a select topic that interests you. You can choose any area but make sure that it falls within the category of this essay. For your ease, I am writing down some topics an essay writer can select one of them for assignment. Or you can ask others to write my essay online at affordable rates.

Topics to write a good essay

  1. Time to look up to older sibling
  2. When a younger sibling looked up to me
  3. When I was a grateful child in the family
  4. The worst incident happened with me
  5. When I saw my parents in a different light: A bitter reality
  6. When I felt that I am growing old
  7. When someone miss-judged me and later realized his mistakes
  8. The beginning of my friendship/relationship
  9. The most difficult decision which I took
  10. An act of kindness
  11. A time when I took stand for my friend
  12. A moment which I thought I might get hurt but didn’t
  13. Suffering an injury
  14. Away from home for a decade
  15. My brother’s contribution to the global War on Terror
  16. When I experienced a historic event
  17. A major event happened in front of my eyes
  18. When I rebelled against teacher/parents
  19. My dangerous experience
  20. My big misunderstanding with my cousin
  21. The day when I got my first paycheque
  22. The day when I got married
  23. The day my grandfather died
  24. A funny thing happened to me
  25. My favorite birthday experience

These topics will help you draft a perfect argumentative essay. Just pay for essay to complete it at affordable rates.

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