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Students often get a chance to share their views before an audience. In college, you may be asked to write a formal persuasive speech that can convince your audience into adopting a position on a divisive topic. So, If you are looking for guidance for a persuasive speech, I recommend you first make an outline. Outline for a persuasive speech will not only give you a format but you can easily learn how to give your speech.

Go through the following instructions to see how an essay writer can craft a good outline for your persuasive speech.


For the outline, you have to get an interesting topic. It should be unique and different so that more people will take interest in what you will say to them. A topic that is already discussed or common might become inefficient and boring for your audience. Therefore, get a specific topic and choose its better aspect to discuss. Need more topic ideas? Consult a paper writing service now.


You know persuasive speech means a speech that gives your point of view to the listener. Furthermore, it should be convincing that is why you should know what exactly you want to tell to the people. Afterward, you will focus on how to tell them so that they believe you and agree with your statement. Here, you should be cleared that motivational speech is totally different from the speech in which you advance an idea. Therefore, sit and think about your view and target audience.


The attention of the audience is the first thing that you need to grab to make your speech successful. Your tone should show a sense of urgency when you start writing a persuasive speech outline. Make sure you use the correct tone in an outline rather than skipping it for final content. This is because when you will write a complete speech it will start from the point or sentence covered in the outline. Therefore, write in a tone in which you will address the audience. Still confused? Ask others to write essay for me.


Being interesting and connected is not enough for perfect persuasive speech because your words should be strong and credible. Therefore, start an outline with a thesis that provides a definite statement. The thesis should be of one sentence telling your main argument. Now start making sub-arguments to defend your thesis.

Also, do not forget to address the audience before starting the issue or subject. Similarly, say thank you to the audience and management to allow you to address the subject at the end of the speech.

Points’ Summary

You don't have to write complete sentences in the outline instead just give a quick overview of speech in it. Make bullet points or write one sentence for each point. It means your outline will be like a summary of all the points. Also, add relevant examples for each point to develop a sense of dominance and power in your words.

Your points should reflect on why your topic is important and the urgency to address it. You will not only explain the issue but have to give its solution as well. Through your solution or recommendations, the audience will learn how to react to the issue or what role they can play to solve it.

Summarize Again

The reason for summarizing points is that sometimes due to long speech or any disturbance in between the audience loses their connection and attention. To grab their attention back you have to tell all the main points again. Write all main points at the end of the outline; you can name it as a conclusion. After adding all points, writing solutions, and recommendations for the issue. Now, recheck your outline to make sure you have added all-important points before writing your complete persuasive speech.

This guide surely has helped you write a perfect speech outline. However, if you need help with the writing process, you can ask an essay writing service to do it for you.

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