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Students are frequently directed by their instructors to format their papers according to the Oxford format. And my guess is you have also been asked to do that. Oxford style is developed by none other than Oxford University. It does not mean that you will only have to use Oxford style if you are a student at Oxford University. Many disciplines like philosophy, history, and anthropology stipulate the usage of Oxford citation style in their research documents. Therefore, if an essay writer has a major in any of these fields, he should learn this style. It takes time and practice to master it. It is very different from the other citation styles.

General formatting guidelines

  • You should be using Times New Roman font throughout your paper, with the font size either 12 or 14.
  • There should be a one-inch margin on all sides of the paper, expect the top side, where it is two inches.
  • All text of your paper should be double spaced expect the reference page.
  • You are free to position the page number anywhere in the header. However, you have to keep it consistent throughout the paper.

Cover Page

According to the Oxford style guidelines, you should place the title of your paper at the top of the page. Then after skipping a few lines, you should write what is the type of the document. Is it an essay, thesis, research paper, etc. On the following new lines, you will write the submission date and the total word count of the paper. In the last lines, you will write your name (i.e. author’s name) and the name of your institution.

Note: All text on cover pager should be center-aligned.


According to the Oxford citation style, you should be using footnotes and corresponding bibliography to give due credit to the sources that you are using in your paper.

  • Creating footnotes

    Footnotes are used to cite a source in oxford papers. They are consecutively numbered in the paper and a corresponding note is written in the footnotes of respective pages. To reference a source through footnotes, you should place a superscripted number at the end of the sentence and write a corresponding note at the bottom of the page.

    • Second and consequent footnotes: For these, you only have to give minimum information directing towards the respective source that you have already used. You can only provide the last name of the author and page number.
    • Abbreviating subsequent footnotes: In Oxford citation style you can use Latin abbreviations for subsequent footnotes
      • Ibid is used if you are referring to the source that you last used.
      • Op.cit is used to refer to the previous entry.


The Oxford style allows you to use quotations of 30 words or less in the text of the relevant paragraphs. However, if any quotation is of more than thirty words and you have to use it in your paper and present it in a separate paragraph with a half-inch indent.

Oxford Style Bibliography

The reference page is titled as Bibliography in Oxford style. In this section, you have to enlist all the references that you have cited in footnotes or any other that you may have used for your paper. You should provide the name of the author(s), document title, the date on which respective document was published, and the name and city of the publisher.

According to the Oxford style, you should provide annotated bibliography, which means that you have to briefly explain the sources to show the reader how they are relevant to your research.

Note: You should arrange all sources alphabetically according to the last name of the author. Moreover, always italicize the book names.

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