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A narrative essay is just like the storytelling and within the personal narrative, you have to explain your story persuasively. Many students know which life experience they want to share but they get confused about how to write it so that readers can enjoy it. If you are confused about how to make your story interesting and meaningful within the narrative essay then all you need is to read this article.

We have provided five main phases that will help a custom essay writer to complete your essay.

Prewriting Phase

The first phase of the narrative essay is prewriting. As a narrative essay depends on life experience, hence it is crucial to think about an event that relates to the topic. It doesn't matter whether the incident is small or crucial, all matter is that it should be significant for you in life. There should be an emotional connection with the event only then you can use it as a life experience.

So choose a topic yourself or consider the topic that your teacher has provided. Recall all your memories and select an event. Write all important details about it like time, year, individuals, year, and other little details.

Drafting Phase

It is important to know that readers are not interested to know your story all they want to know about its impact on life. Therefore, the drafting of your story helps to add words and vivid descriptions that illustrate. Make bullet points and add all-important aspects of the story then only start writing your essay. Recheck your draft so you can decide about the main points prior to writing. It is crucial because many times students get confused about the flow of the story and end up with a confusing or boring essay. Therefore, you can always ask others to write my essay online.

Writing Phase

After prewriting and drafting, use details and start writing your essay. In the essay, you have to write your story as a first-person. Hence use "I" to engage the audience but don't gloss over the story. It should be realistic and logically written. In a personal narrative essay each sentence matters because if you are not writing your story with interesting words then readers will lose their interest. Do not go in much detail but discuss every part that is relevant to the topic.

Revising Phase

After writing your essay, read it twice to check that no important detail is left. Also, omit unnecessary sentences and add relevant detail in your content. You also have to look at whether you cover your essay in both a descriptive and informative manner. The transition of words should be clear and make sense so that readers can understand it easily.

Most importantly, revise whether you have conveyed the message to the readers at the end. Some students add the message or significance of the event in the starting paragraphs. It is totally up to you but all matter is that you have to link the event with the topic and give a solid conclusion/message to the readers.

Editing Phase

Once you are done with the writing and content details, now it's time to check the grammar and punctuation mistakes. Reread your essay and correct all typos, grammatical, and punctuation mistakes. Check sentence fragments to enhance clarity. You can take help from friends, teachers or a cheap essay writing service as well. Ask them to point out mistakes for you but correct it by yourself. It will help you to improve your grammar and to learn from your writing experience.

After considering all the above phases you will be ready to submit your narrative essay. However, you should know that submission can be scary or exciting. It does not matter whether you get the highest marks or not. What matters is that you enjoyed the work and learned from it.

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