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Much has been said and written about the significance of speeches. Whether it is high school, college, or university you have to deliver a speech in one form or another. Usually, the initial stage of delivering speech starts from high school and helps give your confidence in public speaking. However, confidence comes at the later stage; first, you should be able to write a good speech.

Writing a good speech means you are capable of searching for relevant material. Public speaking boosts our confidence and helps us to become professional speakers. Persuasive speech is just a form of speech where you have to convince your audience about a particular subject matter. Your speech should force your reader and audience to internalize your point.

An essay writer can write this type of speech from any area you like. Whether it is economy, social issues, politics, gender inequality, unemployment, or global immigration. Just make sure that you convince your reader from your point of view. You can write a very good speech only if you know a good topic. I am listing a few handpicked persuasive speech topics that you can use for writing a speech or you can always ask others to write essay for me .

Potential topic ideas for the speech


  • Do violent video games encourage violence in kids
  • Net Neutrality: Is it good or bad for human behavior?
  • All new buildings should be environment-friendly/energy efficient
  • Hazards of self-driving cars
  • Do electronic devices isolate people rather of bringing them together?
  • Unlimited access to e-books for liberals: An option
  • Cell phone and its negative imports on kids health
  • Will the use of robots raise the unemployment ratio?

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  • Children should not be allowed to play tackle football
  • Cheerleading should be considered as a sport
  • Schools should be bound to teach swimming to kids
  • Should boxing consider a sport of a violent game?
  • College sports teams and insufficient funding
  • Should performance-enhancing drugs be allowed to athletes?
  • Athletes should be bound for a drug test


  • Why human cloning should be allowed
  • Ownership of exotic animals and changing trend
  • Why should Pluto be considered a planet?
  • Animal testing should be banned
  • Fracking should be banned
  • Paris Agreement: Role of the United States
  • Should we invest in renewable energy?


  • Healthy people should be bound to regularly donate blood
  • Assisted suicide should not be legal
  • American public and health care crisis
  • Provision of free condoms to high schools students a debate
  • Energy drinks should be banned from school premises.

Examples of good speeches

The Indian Subcontinent was under British rule till the mid-twentieth century. According to historians, the locals did not have any basic rights. The British Crown, unsurprisingly, did not treat them well; it was one of the reasons that they constantly faced challenges in one form or another. They mainly supported local Maharajas who were responsible to maintain peace. It changed under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi who started an organized nonviolent civil disobedience movement. After a decade of hard work British were forced to leave the continent with the emergence of two countries.

Ever since the introduction of the new ideology people have been killed who opposed it. Whether it is communism or capitalism both have killed millions of people one way or another. These were two economic systems but unfortunately, one portrayed others as the enemy and tried to subdue it. It started violent clashes among countries mainly the United States and the former Soviet Union. These differences started the Cold War after the end of the Second World War which lasted till the end of the 20th century.

In the modern world, the role of gender has changed; today, women are more involved in the economic affairs of a family. Different movements are challenging men's dominance. It is one of the reasons that in the 2016 elections we saw a female candidate for president. It shows that now women have been widely accepted to be equal to men and there is no force that can stop them from progressing further.

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