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A research paper requires much attention to other types of essays. It needs narrow research about the topic. An outline is an important part of research paper writing. Without an outline research paper can be confusing or unclear for readers. This is because the critical discussion has to be conducted for a research paper therefore information should be used systematically.

Furthermore, outline formation can be different for a different format. For instance, APA format structure is different from MLA so before making an outline you should know which format you are going to use for your research paper. This article will provide you complete guidance for the research paper outline for MLA format. Your paper will be logically and well-structured by following our points or you can always ask others to write essay for me.

Make Structure for Paper

MLA format has its specification and writers need to write in a particular way to follow it. For an outline, there is no need of writing long sentences instead short headings or one line sentences are enough to provide an overview of the points.

If the research paper is short you can make only three sections to give your paper a proper structure. These sections are introduction discussion and conclusion. However, if the research paper is longer than more sections, it needs to be added in the outline and final paper. For MLA format follow points given below:

  • Give the roman numbers to the headings of each section
  • Divide each section into subsection to make the paper more logical
  • Subsection should be identified as capitalized letters like A, B, C, and so on.
  • If there is the need for more division then identify them with Arabic numerical
  • Next level of division should be named with lowercase letters

These are the levels of division that must be followed by the writers for MLA research papers.

Create a Thesis Statement

Develop a thesis for your research paper. This statement should reflect your main question for which you are going to answer at the end. The main purpose of the thesis is to narrow your research for the topic otherwise topics can be brought that just give basic details about it. However, a research paper requires a unique thesis and provides detail that is new or less discussed before.

To make the perfect thesis statement use strong but clear wording. It should be precise and concise and no wordiness should be there. After adding the thesis in the outline, start searching for data relevant to your statement.

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Consider Your Audience

After the correct separation of sections and developing a thesis, an essay writer has to think about the audience. Always keep the focus on the opposing readers and consider their questions and claims that they can raise after reading your work. It will help you to collect the most relevant data for your paper. Make sub-arguments and add it to the required section. Afterward, collect facts and evidence to justify your claim and write it down in the outline. After filling all sections your rough outline is ready.

Recheck Outline Thoroughly

Now it's time to recheck your outline. For this, first, check the requirements of the research paper. The outline should contain all points mentioned in the rubric or requirements. After this, check the division of the sections and headings titles. Recheck if you have added relevant detail under each heading.

You have to omit irrelevant points and replace them with more relevant information. If you think better examples can be added then also replace them. The main purpose of rechecking of an outline is that you have followed MLA format and have added accurate data to write a high-quality research paper.

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