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Rhetorical essay writing is an art. It does not involve only essay writing skills but it also requires analytical skills. Rhetorical analysis is the art of persuading and influencing people through the crafty use of words.

Mastering the art of rhetorical essay writing is a hard nut to crack. Most students get frustrated when it comes to writing a rhetorical essay because they have never written this type of essay in their lives. If rhetorical analysis essay writing looks daunting you, you should hang on and read this article. I will be sharing some insightful tips and ideas that would help an essay writer to manage this essay at ease.

SOAPSTone strategy

A good way to begin to do an outstanding rhetorical analysis of the given document is to identify the SOAPSTone of the text or the respective movie.

  • Speaker: The speaker refers to the name of the author. You should do a little research to know the credentials of the author to see if the author has any authority on the given topic. Note if the narrator of the text is a different person then the writer.
  • Occasion: This means that under which context the given text was written. The occasion on which document was written could have influenced the author.
  • Audience: The potential readers for whom you are writing the text are your audience. Not necessary but this could be related to the occasion. If the paper was written for a conference the audience is the people who attended that conference.
  • Purpose: It refers to the goals and objectives that the writer wants to achieve through his writing.
  • Subject: Lastly, the subject is the topic on which the writer has written the document.

Evaluating the appeals

Now you have to look at the given text through the perspectives of ethos, logos, and pathos.

  • Ethos: Ethos deals with ethics. Looking at the academic qualifications and general character of the writer will be an ethical appeal.
  • Logos: Logical reasoning to prove a point is a logical appeal. Most of the writers use logos when they are using reasoning, and citing researched data, and facts to make a point.
  • Pathos: It is to evoke the emotional sentiments of the people to garner support for your point.

Hiring an essay writing service

It is quite understandable that writing a rhetorical essay is a cumbersome and complicated task. Therefore, you should not risk your grade and consider hiring a professional essay writing service to help you craft an outstanding essay.

Identifying the style details

In this strategy, you look at the writing style of the writer, which includes many elements, like analogies, diction, imagery, and tone, etc.

  • Analogies: This involves the use of similes, metaphors, and figurative language to make a point.
  • Diction: It refers to the particular choice of words. Words have a great impact on persuasion. The usage of emotionally-charged words can evoke the emotions of the reader.
  • Imager: It is the use of visual like photos to make a greater impact on the reader. Images stick in the minds of the reader.
  • Tone or attitude of the writer. The usage of an appropriate tone is very effective.
  • Countering opposing views: This is used to show the reader that the writer is not afraid of the opposing viewpoints and his position is stronger than that of opposition.


The foremost thing about the rhetorical essay is that it is not like writing a summary of the document. Rather you have to analyze the given text by various strategies.

You do not have to agree or disagree with the views of the authors. Rather you have to identify the author’s viewpoint and explain if the objectives of the document have been achieved and what ways the authors have used to do that.

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